About Epilogue Systems


Our software has been simplifying the creation and delivery of end-user documentation and context-sensitive help for over 12 years, initially as RESITE, now as Epilogue Systems. Deployed on more than 450 projects worldwide, our products have helped organizations in over 20 different industries accelerate user adoption, productivity and compliance.

                                              The Problem We Solve

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In 2010, Epilogue Systems acquired the RESITE product line.  We listened to our customers who told us that what we and others offered wasn’t getting it done.  Every tool was too hard to learn and use and wasn’t up to the scale of the problem.  We listened and we acted.

Epilogue has changed the documentation paradigm by delivering the lowest learning curve, easiest-to-use and most affordable authoring/publishing/delivery platform on the market.  And we built it for the scale of the problem.

Our product development philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  1. YOU CAN … document every transaction or process easily and quickly.
  2. YOU CAN … make it effortless for end users to get what they need, when they need it … in real-time.
  3. YOU CAN … deliver relevant and specific content in a variety of outputs … different people learn differently.
  4. YOU CAN … leverage your content with the ability to test and measure end user proficiency to better target your improvement efforts.

As we move forward, our customers and partners will continue to be our primary source of ideas.  And while our capabilities will grow, one overriding belief will be constant:  ALWAYS MAKE IT EASIER!