Epilogue Publisher


Publisher is the workhorse of the Epilogue platform, driving the QA and publishing processes, providing “air traffic control” over your content and providing key information to target your training and documentation efforts.

                                              The Problem We Solve

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How we do it

Automated workflow management

Tightly control the flow of training and support materials to end users, from initial creation, through quality assurance, to final release.

Track documents through their lifecycle with a single view of all documents’ status, from initial draft, editing, approval and final publishing in the Publisher portal.

Once published, users have instant access to the entire document library, from their office or the road, through Publisher’s web-based Portal or Epilogue Advisor.

Centralized and standardized content

A single repository that integrates content created in Epilogue Author with content imported from external sources in virtually any format. No need to recreate already existing content, simply import and use the power of Publisher to add key properties to imported content to enable context-sensitivity and enhanced indexing.

Integrated with Epilogue Author

Edits or updates in Author automatically flow through to all of the outputs in Publisher, ensuring consistency as your content evolves.