No matter how complicated or how limited the time and staff; supercharge your team and your users.

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Automatically build step-based work instructions in minutes (even for the most complex tasks)

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Effortlessly empower users to help themselves at their moment of need

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Built to handle even the most complex applications and overcome the content creation barrier

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Generate multiple outputs types to meet your training and user preferences because not everyone learns the same

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Significantly reduce application training time by eliminating the need for time consuming scenario training

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Enterprise-ready, scales across projects, teams and application; not just a “one and done” capability

Epilogue Systems handles even the most complex problems

Spending days and weeks trying to create user documentation but not getting it done or done well and then it changes?

Epilogue overcomes the #1 barrier to application performance support, the ability to create and maintain content fast and easy.

Is one application how far your existing performance support tool can go (or as far as you want it to go)?

Epilogue can extend across your enterprise, your apps and your teams. BTW, you won’t have to pay for it each time.

Effective User Adoption is the #1 Factor in realizing value from your applications. So why do we behave like it isn’t true?

Because post go-live is somebody else’s problem. Give your clients, stakeholders and users a chance to succeed with Epilogue.

Your “toolbox” is full, how can you justify another tool?

You need the right tool for the right purpose. Epilogue drives user proficiency and compliance while reducing documentation, training and support costs.

I was wowed by Epilogue’s initial demonstration and continue to be impressed by the product’s strength, versatility, ease of use and outstanding support. Thanks to Epilogue, we’re producing multi-language end user documentation in a fraction of the time we used to spend.

Janice Popkin

Manager of IT

Rolling out our new SIS enterprise-wide was going to be a radical departure from our prior system and Epilogue was the clear choice to help guide users through all the tasks of the new system.  It went so well, we’re now expanding Epilogue to our next big project, Lawson X.

LeAndra Fisher

Learning & Development

Since 2015, Tribridge has been partnering with Epilogue to deliver Tribridge Tutor, an innovative training and support software platform, to our clients. Cost-effective and easy to use, our clients have embraced the technology. And, our partnership with Epilogue has been collaborative and supportive. We are looking forward to working with them for years to come.

Dan Kamstra

Alliances Manager

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