The key to swift and seamless enterprise software adoption

Enable users to perform tasks correctly every time with Opus in-app guidance.
Meet your guide

Learn complex applications in less time

Simple Onboarding

Content Creators: Immediate
Power Users: 6-8 hours

Moment of Need

In-Application support & guidance

100+ Languages

With Google AI

Agnostic platform

Supports most major
enterprise apps
Our difference: engineered for enterprise

Zero Learning Curve

Anyone can use it

Ease & Speed

Document processes in minutes

Built for Enterprise

Secure & scalable on AWS cloud

Simplify Security

No Code, No API’s,
No Integrations
“ Improving the speed to proficiency during technology-driven transformation programs and sustaining that performance well beyond initial deployment is a critical success factor for our clients. ”
Partner, Change Management, Tier 1 Systems Integrator
Train with ease
“ The UPK conversion process was so easy using Opus. It accelerated our migration off Oracle UPK in eQMS. ”
QA Project Manager, Canon Medical Systems.
Train with ease
“ The ability to run simulations and have hands-on training without switching to the LMS, is a vital step in our Digital Transformation. ”
Enterprise Learning Manager, Williams Energy
Train with ease

Guide your users through any task
in your applications.

With our disruptive technology, your team can accelerate
all aspects of your digital adoption process.
Single-source task documentation for pre-and post-launch in minutes
Why support 10% of your application when you can support 100%?
Learn from those who know best, your subject matter experts
Edit once and automatically update all your outputs
Secure, AWS cloud-based solution
Stay on top of it all – built-in workflow and administration

How it works

Opus records application tasks simply by watching someone perform the task. No integrations, no APIs, no code. Pre go-live content for UAT, compliance, training and post go-live content for in-application support and guidance at the moment of need. No application is too big or complex for Opus.
Simply complete your task as you normally would, Opus does the rest. You just need to know your application, no need to know Opus.
Bring your content to life, add additional insights into your content – notes, links, pptx, video, pdf’s and more. Automatic translation to 100+ languages.
Make your digital adoption content available to users by publishing, one at a time or queued up for bulk release.
Deploy in-browser guidance for users at their moment of need. Specific to the application and where in the application they are working, their role, department and language. SSO enabled.

Success Stories

The Williams Companies started the Project in 2019 migrating their system to Oracle Cloud. They have 8,000
assets in the Williams Course Catalog, created in Oracle UPK that need to be converted to fit in the
cloud environment. With the power of Opus, current business processes were reworked or replaced in 2021,
and they are moving to industry standard, best-practices & applications.
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Training knowledge retention rates increase
Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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