Contextual Guidance: What Is It? How Can It Help?

Thursday January 9, 2020

Digital adoption solutions provide a new path for workplace productivity with contextual guidance. Until now, it wasn’t uncommon an employee bounced between applications to complete their tasks. While it seemed effective, employees noted they were spending too much time in the process rather than getting things done. When comparing contextual guidance, one must consider the traditional approach. This would include classroom training, knowledge bases, and virtual classrooms. These are fine in their own regard but still, these pose the challenges of forcing employees to swap between platforms — negating their flow. Enter: Contextual guidance. Digital Adoption tools streamline application documentation so employees remain focused while avoiding overlaps in their process. In this video, we share what those tools are and how they can improve workplace productivity.

Want to learn more? After you watch the video, take a deeper dive into the benefits of contextual guidance.

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Increase revenue growth
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Enable customer success

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