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Digital Employee Onboarding: Pros, Cons and Tips

Digital employee onboarding refers to using digital tools and technology to assist in onboarding new employees.

New employee onboarding is essential for any business, and the digital era has ushered in new methods. Digital employee onboarding offers several advantages.

Ensure that whatever tools or procedures you select effectively fulfil your individual needs. The objective is to make the procedure as simple and straightforward as feasible for both the employee and the business.

digital employee onboarding

Here is some essential software needed to help you get started.

What is Digital Employee Onboarding?

Digital employee onboarding refers to using digital tools and technology to assist in onboarding new employees. Providing 24/7 centralized access to all information, generating a customized onboarding experience, and offering aid for comprehending company operations, enables companies to develop a cost-effective, efficient employee onboarding checklist.

Benefits of Digital Employee Onboarding

Here are a few of its advantages to demonstrate why digital employee onboarding is a better onboarding technique than conventional, in-person onboarding.

benefits of digital employee onboarding


Traditional onboarding takes time and manual documentation, irritating the HR team and the new employee.

On the other hand, because everything is kept in a single database, automated employee onboarding online is quicker and more effective. HR managers don’t have to sort through mountains of paperwork when all onboarding documentation and information is readily available digitally, and new hires may sign all papers at their convenience.

Cost saving

Traditional and digital onboarding of new employees requires an investment of time and resources. However, digital onboarding can replace traditional onboarding without reducing productivity because it requires less paperwork and printing costs. 

Additionally, digital onboarding reduces the cost of hiring trainers because it eliminates the requirement for in-person, one-on-one training.


By putting all new hires through the same onboarding procedures and materials, digital onboarding enables businesses to create a consistent brand experience for each one. Every new hire will have the same experience, immediately putting them all on the same page.


Accuracy is guaranteed through digital information storage and presentation. Materials are centrally stored in a document manager so they can be checked and updated as necessary. Whether a small team of 20 or a worldwide workforce of 2000, information is always accurate, consistent, and up-to-date, thanks to digital onboarding.

accuracy in digital onboarding

Increased employee engagement

Through video onboarding, interactive, tailored training content, and other approaches, digital onboarding software facilitates the development of an onboarding program that is intelligent, informative, and enjoyable. 

In addition, providing enjoyable and fast onboarding methods raises employee engagement, improves the employee experience, and facilitates the efficient and successful integration of new team members.

Continuous learning

After onboarding sessions, employees will continue asking questions about business application usage. Employee assistance is provided via digital onboarding software without requiring employees to submit support tickets and wait for a response. These quick solutions allow new employees to save time and concentrate on learning while increasing productivity.

How to choose the most suitable digital employee onboarding tool?

There are various tools and applications available that have an employee onboarding feature. Although it comes with most HR solutions by default, it frequently lacks depth and engagement. You must locate the most effective, interesting, and useful employee onboarding solutions. 

digital employee onboarding tool

What to watch out for is as follows:

  • Easy to use – The onboarding tool must be easy to use whether you are onboarding one new employee or hundreds. Instead of adding complex procedures, awkward navigation, or confusing processes, it should help simplify and improve your current process.
  • Personalizable – Although procedures are important, you should also try to add special touches to the interaction. These apps should provide amazing options to personalize and create an effect, including image uploads and dashboard customization.
  • Self-service abilities – It should be simple and quick for your new hires to locate and upload papers. The self-service capabilities aid users in familiarising themselves with your business and navigating the onboarding procedure without difficulty.
  • Culture and engagement enhance – It might be isolating to go through a digital onboarding process. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a tool that has capabilities enabling you to use presentations, quizzes, and updates to bring part of your corporate culture to life.

With all the above features, Epilogue’s employee onboarding solutions assist you in reaching learners with the appropriate training format at the proper time, whether you’re trying to enhance current L&D initiatives or promote user adoption of corporate apps. Here are some highlights of the Epilogue Opus training tool’s capabilities:

  • Teams receive the knowledge they need from Epilogue’s digital employee onboarding tools to increase productivity and boost the business’s bottom line.
  • Training solutions from Epilogue are created to quickly pinpoint and fill skill gaps and produce improved learning outcomes. By utilizing cutting-edge onboarding tools, teams can deliver more timely, dynamic, and meaningful learning content.
  • Employees can access training resources through Epilogue, which helps with knowledge retention and offers assistance whenever needed.

ROI on Digital Employee Onboarding software

roi on digital employee onboarding software
  • Reduce paperwork – By enabling your HR team to digitize almost all required onboarding paperwork, automated employee onboarding systems can aid in lowering these costs. Thanks to the digitalization of this procedure, your staff won’t waste paper or their important time duplicating and arranging orientation materials for new hires.
  • Hiring by non-HR department managers – Automated employee onboarding software that provides a central repository for storing and managing employee records can be advantageous. Additionally, the onboarding platform can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Time-to-productivity – By simplifying the process, digital employee onboarding solutions enable firms to enhance the onboarding experience for their new hires. In turn, this can raise employee happiness, lower staff turnover, and increase the business’s bottom line. It can also accelerate time-to-productivity rates.

In Conclusion

With the right onboarding tools, your company can quickly ensure that new employees are productive and up to speed. And by taking advantage of digital tools, you can make the process more efficient and provide a positive experience for new hires. 

Contact us today to learn more about our digital employee onboarding solutions – we’d be happy to help with Epilogue Opus!