JOLT Advantage reviews Epilogue Opus

Sunday September 20, 2020
Jolt Advantage Opus Video Image

JOLT Advantage,, are experts in digital evolution and the hyperautomation needed to build scalable digital workforces with cognitive technologies and proven process optimization frameworks.

JOLT are also experts in helping to implement best practices and technologies to drive digital adoption of enterprise applications within their clients. As such, JOLT developed this overview of Epilogue Opus, the digital adoption solution they’ve brought into a many of their clients.

In this video, you’ll see and hear Chris Thilburg, President and Co-Founder of JOLT, describe the power of Opus for enterprise digital adoption. Among the key points he makes, these are worth highlighting:

  1. The Epilogue team is deeply experienced in digital adoption, having run Oracle UPK when it was at it’s peak.
  2. Opus is cloud-based (SaaS) with a simple and intuitive drag-n-drop editor, giving it the simplest learning curve they’ve experience.
  3. A single recording generates multiple outputs for in-application adoption support, training, learning and compliance.
  4. Opus can easily extend content creation to power users to increase the breadth and depth of adoption support.
  5. Epilogue’s development team delivers improved functionality on a monthly basis.
  6. Opus is very affordable relative to competitors.

See for yourself and request a demo or information.

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