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Friday July 1, 2022

Whether you’re looking to improve existing L&D efforts or improve user adoption of enterprise apps, Epilogue’s employee onboarding tools help you reach learners with the right training format at the right time.

A better employee training solution.

Employee training and retraining is a necessity for all organizations. Whether onboarding a new employee, or teaching an employee how to use a new enterprise application, companies must equip their workers with the knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively.

Traditional training and retraining methods rely heavily on classroom and virtual instruction. Both approaches successfully engage employees during training sessions, but within 6 days, participants are likely to have forgotten up to 77% of what they learned. This means 77% of the employee’s time, the trainer’s time, and the company’s money has been wasted.

Epilogue delivers the right knowledge to the right employee at the right time – the exact moment when help is needed. Our context-sensitive user guidance is like GPS for your enterprise applications. Improve your employee training and retraining programs, and help provide your employees with the knowledge they need to get their jobs done faster.

Optimize learning with Epilogue employee training management software

Epilogue’s employee onboarding tools give teams the knowledge they need to become more efficient at their jobs and improve the company’s bottom line.

Epilogue training solutions are designed to rapidly identify and close skill gaps and deliver better learning outcomes. By leveraging advanced onboarding tools, teams can deliver more timely, interactive, and meaningful learning content.  They can also track employee progress to enhance training efforts accordingly. 

With Epilogue, employees gain access to training materials that promote better knowledge retention and provide support when they need it. 

Maximize your L&D efforts by including Epilogue in your training ecosystem. Here are other benefits you gain with an advanced employee training software:

  • Reduce training and retraining time for employees
  • Provide support at the point of work, instead of in a classroom before or after the moment of need
  • Improve the effectiveness of your L&D efforts
  • Enhance employee productivity while reducing errors
  • Improve user adoption of enterprise applications

Develop competent and motivated employees

Employee training is crucial for organizational development and success. At Epilogue, we not only optimize your current learning solutions, but also make re-training teams easier. Our employee training platform offers a centralized system for all knowledge and training tools.

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