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Wednesday November 9, 2022
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Methodist Health System: Opus success on Workday

Methodist Health System was founded by Methodist ministers and civic leaders in Dallas ,Texas with a 100-bed facility that began operating on Christmas Eve 1927. Nearly 100 years later, Methodist Health has 11 hospitals and an integrated medical group of physician offices, with a total staff of close to 10,000.

In 2021, Jerry Dugan the Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Methodist Health was tasked with
producing all educational materials, end user support and change content for their Workday ERP
project, focusing on 3 domains: finance, human resources and supply chain management. Dugan
knew that one of the most important aspects was the ongoing, easy maintenance and consumption of
that content for those 3 Workday areas.

Methodist Health implemented Epilogue Opus in under 3 weeks in 2021 at Methodist Health and had
over 32,000 logins in 6 months : a testament to the effectiveness of Dugan’s change management and
communications. Looking forward with using Opus, there no restrictions to any other IT application at
Methodist Health.

Methodist Health tested other solutions including Adobe Suite, Whatfix, Ancile uPerform and
Epilogue Opus, and Dugan states “We took advice from our Workday System Integrator and tested all
offerings thoroughly, and because the content was 100% web based with Opus stored in one location
via AWS, as well as the ability to use the Opus content library as an LCMS, the choice was easy”.
Dugan continues “Opus allows us to have a lean content development process, using the SMEs to
author the content, then my team reviews, edits and publishes from one screen and all the Opus
outputs are updated : we fell in love with the Opus Solution“. Dugan adds “ The SMEs review in Opus
and everything is version controlled in Opus. It was a paradigm shift that we embraced at our
Workday Go-Live in April 2022, and we have planned extending Opus into our annual CME education
program, in fact we already have a dozen processes captured in our annual performance review using

Dugan continues “The Methodist Health IT Security Team are focused on keeping all the patient
information safe, and our due diligence for the thousands of end users meant that the IT Team were
heavily involved at every step” as security was a high priority at Methodist Health.
Dugan concludes “ We now create, update, publish & consume updates in Workday using Opus in the
same day” Methodist Health likes the ease of creating, editing and publishing in Opus, UPK conversion utility & language conversion functionality. Additional training benefits include quizzes & tests on competency of all employees, as well as sandbox access via Opus simulations for new hires and staff moving to a new role.

Digital Adoption Business Transformation

Methodist Health had several Key Business Objectives including migration away from Oracle UPK and increase user adoption. These objectives were mirrored in Learning offerings:

  • Training covers all employees on a variety of Applications
  • Training material available close to Live Date
  • Reduce time to proficiency
  • There for new employees
  • Training uses IT Application system screen
  • No end user disruption in migration from UPK

Methodist Health evaluated other leaning solutions such as ANCILE uPerform, Adobe and Whatfix but after due diligence settled on Epilogue Opus for a variety of reasons including ease of use, just-in-time training & support, centralized content, and bulk conversion of Oracle UPK.

Highlights at Methodist Health 

  • Replaced existing Tools [Captivate, MS, etc.] in 2021 in under 3 weeks following the 70/20/10
  • Principle IT Applications include Workday, HealthStream, Cherwell and EPIC
  • Methodist Health have over 270 Documents created and increasing using 1 person to QA and SMEs to create
  • Methodist Health have had over 32,000 User Logins in the first half of 2022
  • Opus speed, control & consistency of all output content
  • Opus embedded performance Support in any Application for Post Go Live
Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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