Tier 1 system integrator

Tuesday June 28, 2022

This Systems Integrator is one of the largest and its Change Management practice is viewed as one of the best in the industry.


The Change Management practice was experiencing increasing resistance to its traditional blended training methodology and new digital adoption platform technology was becoming more accessible to their clients and potential clients. They determined that incorporating digital adoption platform technology into their methodology was necessary.

Improving the speed to proficiency during technology-driven transformation programs and sustaining that performance well beyond initial deployment is a critical success factor for our clients. Integrating products such as Opus into our adoption approach is central to meeting these client needs. We are building Opus as the enabling technology into a new offering to meet increasing market demand for digital adoption.

Partner, Change Management, Tier 1 Systems Integrator.


Having used many such technologies, they had a clear sense of what was needed and selected Opus as the enabling digital adoption technology. Opus provided the ability for their consultants and client personnel to generate bespoke software documentation and digital adoption content at volumes and speed not achieved with other digital adoption platforms. Opus provided them an efficient and cost effective way of bringing enterprise digital adoption to their clients.


One Technology

The Systems Integrator was able to build a solution with a single technology to accomplish the pre- and post go-live needs for their customers.


Opus enabled the generation of content in high volume and high velocity, resulting in a much deeper coverage of their clients’ applications.

Total Cost of Ownership

Opus drove the cost per content down dramatically.

Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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