How Epilogue Opus Can Be An Easy Alternative

Keep your existing UPK content with our Drag and Drop ODARC file converter

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating your UPK content library. Epilogue Opus lets you keep your content, while also letting you build new content for your organization. See this short video (note: there is no audio).

Epilogue Opus vs. Oracle UPK Comparison

Environment, ease of use, analytics, project management, interoperability, and content portability – learn how Epilogue Opus and Oracle UPK stack up.


Context sensitive help and guidance, delivered at the point of work and the moment of need.

Epilogue Opus is a Digital Adoption Solution built for your enterprise and other critical applications. It provides context sensitive help and guidance within the target applications, in the workflow, task and user-relevant.

Digital Adoption Solutions Buyers Guide

Not all Digital Adoption Solutions are alike. The Buyers Guide distinguishes between the two predominant technologies and provides some considerations to help you determine what is right for you.

Case Study: North American Manufacturing Company

“Epilogue’s object recognition in JD Edwards is very good, and reduces our content creation time by about 75%.” Company’s Manager of all educational content creation and distribution

The company found that the Epilogue solution allowed them to create and distribute content rapidly in JDE E1. Additionally, when documented processes changed, making updates to the existing content was fast and simple. The Epilogue solution also contains workflow functionality that enables the company’s subject matter experts and process owners to review and approve content, as well as analytics on content creation and consumption that can be shared with company leaders.

A Better Way To Onboard Users

Not all application user onboarding and training strategies are created equal. Let’s take a look at some traditional approaches, as well as a more effective way of educating users and providing help when it’s needed most – at the point of work, with the aid of in-app guidance.

explanation of how in-app guidance can help employees and application users perform better

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