Anwendungstechnische Anleitung

Das Training bietet Unterstützung im Klassenzimmer.
Die Anwendungshilfe bietet Unterstützung am Arbeitsplatz.

GPS for your enterprise applications

Enterprise applications are complex. With the ability to perform hundreds or even thousands of unique transactions, users need to know the right way to use the application to get the most out of it, and to avoid making costly errors.

Traditional training and support solutions, including classroom and virtual training, help menus, or even talking to a coworker, only provide limited help. None of these approaches are effective at providing help when a user needs it most – at the moment of need.

Epilogue provides in-application guidance for users. This context-sensitive support helps guide employees through applications, and delivers meaningful help at the moment of need. It is like having GPS for your enterprise applications.

Epilogue Empowers Your Business To:

  • Provide support at the point of work, instead of in a classroom before or after the moment of need
  • Enhance employee productivity while reducing errors
  • Reduce training and retraining time for employees
  • Improve user adoption of enterprise applications

Learn how Epilogue’s in-application guidance can be like GPS for your enterprise applications.

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