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Digital Adoption Guide

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Are you familiar with the term digital adoption? It’s relevant to businesses across every category today, and it’s necessary for those companies who wish to utilize their application processes to their full potential. Here’s what you need to know about digital adoption and how to achieve it in your own organization. 


Digital Adoption Defined

Imagine having a new car. You know how to turn the key, drive to work, and shut off the engine. Technically, you can operate the equipment, but you’re unable to enjoy any of the perks. For instance, if you can’t regulate the air temperature inside the car, you may be too hot or too cold during your drive. If you can’t turn on the windshield wipers, driving in a storm may be much more difficult than intended. If you don’t understand how to operate the radio, you’ll be forced to drive in silence.

While none of these operations are necessary for driving the car, they all make the experience more enjoyable. They may help you get where you’re going faster, as well. And you’ve paid for these upgrades, so why not learn how to use them?

If you’re not making the most use of your new digital applications and software, you’re like this driver. There’s so much more you could do to make your workday easier and more productive, but you’re missing out because you haven’t mastered the extras.

This is the definition of digital adoption. Digital Adoption means using your applications to their fullest potential. It means having a keen understanding of every process your application can achieve and regularly using these tools to make your everyday performance easier and more enjoyable. Digital adoption is all about streamlining your processes.

Who Needs Digital Adoption?

Anyone who’s ever purchased a new app or new software needs digital adoption. In some cases, this is easier to achieve than others. Simple apps — ones that let you share memos company-wide or allow comments on message boards are easy to learn and to navigate. Other applications, such as those that let you automate corporate-wide management processes, may be more of a challenge. However, investing in these apps and then failing to train employees on how to use them is inefficient. Mastering only one or two tasks of a multi-dimensional application is also wasteful. To achieve the best return on your investment, it’s necessary to learn what your apps can do and learn how to navigate them accordingly. This is where a digital adoption platform such as Epilogue Opus becomes a necessity.

How Epilogue Opus Can Help Your Company Achieve Digital Adoption

Epilogue Opus from Epilogue Systems is there for your business every step of the way when it comes to rolling out new applications. Including:

  • Planning and Design
  • Selection of Software
  • Building and Configuration
  • Testing and Preparation
  • Going Live
  • Operating
  • Sustaining Operations

When your business is ready to take that next step forward in automation, Epilogue Opus offers support for every step along the way, from pre- to post-operation. We’ll not only help your employees master all the processes, we’ll collect and analyze data and feedback, so you’ll always know where employees fall on the scale of proficiency and what sort of user experience they’re having.

The Many Benefits of Digital Adoption

Epilogue Systems provides support for your users in-application and helps to reduce the time it takes users to become competent. As a result, it improves user satisfaction across the board. Your employees get the full benefit of digital applications, and you get a more efficient and timely integration of workplace intelligence. The benefits of digital adoption include:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Automation of Business Processes
  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved Workplace Efficiency
  • Higher Levels of User Satisfaction

And, at the opposite end of the spectrum, digital adoption may also be important to your customers. Consumer apps make conversions easier, which means more income for you and higher satisfaction for your customers. But often, online and digital apps are hard to use or lack the support needed to cement them in the minds of consumers. If you offer online coupons, rewards programs, or online banking transactions, your customers need to understand and be motivated to use them. Epilogue Systems can help at both ends of the spectrum, making apps easier and more rewarding to use for everyone from employees to consumers.

Road Blocks to Achieving Digital Adoption

When your organization is using all your applications and software to their fullest potential, you’ve achieved full digital adoption. However common road blocks make this difficult without the help of a digital adoption platform. Common obstacles include:

  • Applications that are Too Complicated
  • The Use of Too Many Apps
  • Insufficient User Training
  • A Workplace Culture That Resists Change
  • Inconsistent Use by Management Personnel

Most companies experience at least some of these occurrences at one time or another, but a solid digital adoption platform such as Epilogue Systems can help you overcome them. By breaking training down into easy-to-understand steps, and by using trainers who have mastered all processes of the applications in question, we’ll help your organization break through the barriers to full digital adoption.

Steps Your Organization Can Take to Promote Digital Transformation

Foremost, to promote digital transformation, consider contracting with a digital adoption platform such as Epilogue Systems. This will give your organization the support you need to brainstorm, install, and rollout the software and applications you need to improve. Second, it’s necessary to promote a workplace culture that embraces the importance of change. To stay competitive in today’s market, companies must move forward into cloud-based applications enthusiastically. Merely going through the motions is not enough. Full digital transformation requires a culture that not only promotes, but requires, change. Get management employees on board first and then follow that trickle-down theory of learning. Companies must lead by example if they wish to achieve the difficult or impossible in the 21st century. Epilogue Systems can help you achieve this flawlessly, from your corporate executive offices down to your mail room.

Connect with an Epilogue Systems expert today to discover how your organization can make the transition to full digital adoption. From planning to implementation to support, it’s easier than you think to get the most from your workplace processes. Let us show you how today.