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Over the last few years, businesses of all types have begun the time consuming (but important) process of digital transitions for a number of different reasons. Some are looking for newer and more innovative ways to increase operational efficiency across the board. Others are trying to capitalize on the opportunity that technology represents to get their products to the market faster than ever. Some want to improve their ability to not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them. Many hope to accomplish all of these things at the same time and see a digital transformation as the way to do it.

But maybe the most important thing to understand is that the chasm between a digital transition and a successful digital transition is a deep one, indeed. This, in essence, is why user adoption solutions are such an invaluable part of the process – they help mitigate risk from a wide range of different areas (many of which people just don’t think of until it’s far too late), helping to bring in a newer and more profitable era for your company in the easiest way possible.

Why Digital Transitions Fail

According to recent research, one of the major reasons why most digital transformations fail ultimately has to do with a lack of up-front commitment from management at the company.

For the sake of example, let’s say that a company’s digital transition is separated into two key phases. The first involves upgrading some piece of legacy technology to a newer and more sophisticated alternative. Those legacy applications simply became too expensive to support, or they lacked features needed to remain competitive in the modern era. Believe it or not, this is actually the easy part of the process and once factors like data migration are accounted for, is also one of the fastest as well.

Phase two, on the other hand, would be those user-facing initiatives – meaning the steps taken to mitigate disruption for employees, to make sure that they actually know how to use the new tools that they have, and to help them buy into the idea that all of this effort is going to be more than worth it in the end. This is the core element that most organizations fail at – they think that all they need to do is get the new system in place and everything else will more or less take care of itself.

Yes, understanding and agreeing to the vision for a digital transition is important. But you also need to do whatever it takes to succeed and focusing on user adoption is a big part of that. Giving an inspirational speech ahead of a digital transition and selling the need for change is not the same as committing to that change wholeheartedly. If you don’t focus on what the users need to help achieve that vision – and to achieve the objectives along with it – that digital transition is doomed to fail.

The Impact of User Adoption Solutions on Digital Transformations

The right user adoption solution can help mitigate risk from these issues as much as possible, helping to make sure that you have the most successful – and effective – digital transition possible. It stands to reason that if your employees aren’t actually using the new tools you’ve given them, you’re not going to get anywhere near the expected return on your investment. By its very nature, a user adoption solution is a tool designed to help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

The Opus Digital Adoption Solution from Epilogue Systems, for example, is powerful enough to be of value across any sized business and versatile enough to assist with any application or digital transition you’re in the middle of. It does this by breaking the process necessary to achieve end-to-end digital adoption into a series of much smaller, more manageable chunks. When taken together, you have the perfect roadmap you need to achieve your desired outcomes that is built with your unique business in mind.

Once your new tools are in place during your digital transition, Opus can help create digital adoption content quickly and easily to make sure everyone knows how to actually get the most out of what is now in front of them. As fast as any task can be executed, it can be documented – thus providing insights and knowledge to your existing employees in a way that will make onboarding new ones in the future easier than ever before.

This content creation process can automatically generate multiple outputs for in-app guidance, training, assessment, UAT and compliance and more. It’s perfect for use by subject matter experts, because no training is required to record task execution. But more than that, it’s a process built for high velocity and that scales to any volume of documentation needed – meaning that it can support even the most complicated digital transitions.

Next, a user adoption solution like Opus can help you manage the workflow of projects, teams, tasks and even content in a way that allows you to verify that everyone is always moving in the right direction at all times. In just a few quick clicks you can gain better visibility over the workflows and project/task management features needed to create, review, approve and maintain content during your transition. Plus, Opus creates and enables standards for the look and feel of content – thus creating the most consistent experience for all employees across the board.

Plus, the Opus dashboard gives organizational leaders an “air traffic control” view of all workflows and activities within the system. So not only can they see what works, they can also see what doesn’t – putting them in an excellent position to do something about it as quickly as possible.

But perhaps most importantly, user adoption solutions like Opus are perfect for getting users more engaged with the applications that are now available to them. By supporting users within the application in a way that is straightforward and easy to take advantage of, you’re not just reducing time to full adoption – you’re reducing time to competency as well. In addition to getting your users excited about the digital transition faster than ever, they’ll also be able to unlock the full potential of these new systems as well – thus speeding up your time to a solid return on investment.

This of course brings with it the added benefit of reducing or even outright eliminating the costs (not to mention the disruption) associated with ineffective application training resources you may have been using in the past. Soon, you’ll see reduced support calls and peer disruption, all while experiencing a dramatic increase in user satisfaction and productivity as well.

Of course, these are all the short-term advantages that a user adoption solution like Opus can bring to the table before and during your digital transitions. The best of these platforms can also continue to play an invaluable role well after that transition is complete, as is the case with Opus and its powerful reporting tools.

With Opus, you can track and report on progress, utilization and even effectiveness moving forward. This includes tracking workflow and project/task statuses, utilization and even monitoring content aging.

If your digital transition was technically successful but you’re still not quite where you want to be, you’ll be able to determine why almost immediately. You’ll know more than just that a problem has occurred – you’ll know exactly what happened, when and why and WHAT you need to do about it. That level of insight is nearly impossible to achieve on your own but with a user adoption solution, you can do so easily using the real data and actionable insight that your users have been generating during the entirety of this process.

According to another recent study, about 71% of organizational leaders cited their workforce as an extremely important element in supporting their digital transition strategy. This is because at the end of the day, a digital transition is about more than just technology. When executed properly, this is an opportunity to totally rebuild your business from the ground up. You’re tearing down the old and building something new in a way that lets you take advantage of new markets, scale and evolve in all the ways you need to be successful for the next decade and beyond.

You simply cannot get to that point without your employees, which means you cannot get there without baking user adoption into the very DNA of your digital transition. Thankfully, user adoption solutions like Opus allow you to do precisely that – all in a way that allows you to worry less about the potential risks of your digital transition so that you can focus all of your attention on the value it will bring to your business when it is finished.