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Meet Opus, Powered By Epilogue

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new performance support platform, Epilogue Opus. Opus has all the functionality of our legacy platform, Epilogue Classic, as well as many new capabilities that can help you continue to reduce training time, increase application user adoption, and improve business outcomes. Continue reading to learn more about Opus, or contact us today to discover how your organization could benefit from transitioning to Epilogue Opus.

Everything you love about Epilogue Classic

Create content easily, engage your users, and manage assets
  • Automatically capture tasks, automatically build help & guidance resources
  • Works with any Windows or web-based application
  • Generates key learning outputs in all major languages

Plus lots of improvements

Opus is faster, easier to use, and more feature-rich
  • Improved user interface is easier to use
  • Advisor is easy to deploy
  • Stable environment is not dependent on third party applications like Microsoft Word
  • Secure cloud platform means updates are regular and seamless
  • Import existing assets with a “drag & drop,” as well as bulk import, capabilities
  • Export SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI packages
  • Utilization analytics and dashboard help you understand what content is the most impactful

Epilogue Opus: Context Sensitive Help, at the Point of Work

Make the Move to Opus

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