Epilogue Opus Digital Adoption Platform


 Stop struggling with how to get your critical applications used as intended.

Epilogue Opus For Digital Adoption


Epilogue Opus helps users of applications execute their application tasks. Done right, it can eliminate costly and ineffective application training and learning methods. Opus provides a simple and useful user experience and is easy to use in creating and managing the digital adoption experience, making it highly effective with Enterprise Applications. Ready to learn more?

Built for Ease, Speed, and Any Application

  • Create digital adoption content easily
  • Manage the workflow of projects, teams, tasks, and content
  • Engage your users in-application
  • Report on use and effectiveness
Join thousands of organizations just like yours in streamlining your digital adoption process. Get more done in less time with Opus.

Thanks to Epilogue, we’re producing multi-language end user documentation in a fraction of the time we used to spend.

Janice Popkin | Manager of IT | Laird Plastics

Rolling out our new SIS enterprise-wide was going to be a radical departure and Epilogue was the clear choice for us.

LeAndra Fisher | Learning & Development | National Heritage Academies

Opus Use Cases

Application Specific User Intelligence

Improve Software ROI

Create Application Documentation

In-Application Guidance

Employee Training and Re-Training

Post-Launch Success

Your Enterprise-Wide Digital Adoption Solution

Opus closes the gap between core business processes and the employees acting upon those to reduce cost and resources required to train and execute on essential job functions. By facilitating a centralized information hub, we help you maximize competency and consistency of training, operating, and troubleshooting procedural, compliance, and security challenges.

Learn more about how Epilogue Opus can help you make your operations more profitable with streamlined and standardized technology adoption and business practices.