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Epilogue Opus ISV Partner Benefits:

Partnering with Epilogue Opus as an ISV offers transformative benefits
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Supercharge Users
  • Faster adoption & engagement: Personalized onboarding, interactive guides, self-service resources.
  • Higher feature utilization: Combat “feature graveyard,” unlock full product value.
  • Reduced support tickets: Empower users, free up your team for complex issues.
  • Personalized user experience: Tailor content to your brand and user base.
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Boost Growth & Revenue
  • Expand market reach: Leverage Epilogue’s network, access new markets.
  • Increase customer lifetime value: Improve retention, unlock revenue streams.
  • Differentiate your offering: Stand out with a best-in-class user experience.
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Simplify Content & Management
  • Streamlined authoring: SMEs create high-quality content quickly & easily.
  • Reduced development costs: Eliminate custom coding for in-app guidance.
  • Consistent & quality content: Ensure a seamless user experience across your software.
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Powerful ISV Case Study

“Partnering with Epilogue was a game-changer. Our users now onboard seamlessly, utilize features effortlessly, and rarely need support. We’ve seen user satisfaction and feature adoption skyrocket, leading to happier customers and a thriving business. Epilogue empowers users, not just sells software”

Mark Hadding

Chairman, Jobba
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What are the benefits of becoming an Epilogue Opus ISV partner?

Enhanced user adoption and engagement: Drive faster time-to-value,
increase feature utilization, and empower users with self-service resources.

Boosted growth and revenue: Access new markets, differentiate your offering, and improve customer lifetime value.Simplified content creation and management: Create high-quality guidance quickly and easily, reduce development costs, and ensure consistency.

Deep platform integration: Tightly integrate Opus with your software for a seamless user experience.

Joint development opportunities: Collaborate with Epilogue to shape the future of in-app guidance.

Dedicated partner support: Receive personalized assistance from a dedicated partner manager.

Early access to new features: Be among the first to experience the latest innovations.

Become ISV Partner with Opus today

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Learn more about Epilogue Partnership Type

Referral Partner
Our partners refer qualified leads and Epilogue manages the sale and contracts directly with the end client.
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Reseller Partner
Our partners resell Opus to their clients, typically including Opus as part of a larger digital adoption solution.
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