How Tolko successfully increased end user competency across their application ecosystem

Epilogue Insights | July 23, 2018

The Company

For more than 60 years, Tolko has made it their mission to deliver reliability, flexibility, efficiency, and quality in everything they do. Central to this is Tolko’s committed workforce, which thrives on change, building relationships, and striving for excellence. The company’s commitment to the well-being of future generations is demonstrated through responsible operational and environmental practices. Tolko’s Woodlands departments hold third-party certifications on the forestlands they sustainably manage across Canada. The company strives to play an active and constructive role in the communities in which they operate and where their employees live.

Tolko chose Epilogue over Oracle UPK to support their move to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

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The Challenge

“The Epilogue organization is always willing to work with us for a quick turnaround on functionality for MS Dynamics and JDE; it is a win/win for both Tolko and Epilogue.”

Greg Higgs, Manager of IT Applications, Tolko

Tolko decided to move business operations from multiple legacy IT systems to one primary, modern application—JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1). They needed a world class education solution capable of supporting enterprise applications to successfully complete their transition. Initial requirements included documentation of all processes in both JDE E1 and Microsoft Dynamics AX across the enterprise. In addition, Tolko needed a performance support solution that was user friendly, simplified the process of regularly updating content, and enabled easy distribution of content to end users.

The Solution

Tolko looked closely at Oracle UPK, but found it didn’t meet their requirement to support multiple applications with a single license. Ultimately, they selected Epilogue, which is extensible across Tolko’s entire enterprise application ecosystem. Now, Tolko’s user training for JDE E1 rollouts and updates, including finance, procurement, and maintenance modules, is managed via Epilogue.

“We do not rollout at a site until the Epilogue document is completed.”

Greg Higgs, Manager of IT Applications, Tolko

The Benefit

Tolko found the Epilogue solution enabled them to rapidly create JDE E1 content, then distribute it to their employees. Further, when application or process changes required Tolko to modify JDE E1 learning content, the processes for editing, publishing, and distributing the updates were fast and easy to manage. Tolko found that when the Epilogue output Simulations were used in combination with the Epilogue output Documentation to train end users, there was a significant increase in end user satisfaction. This content is known inside Tolko as M1 (“The Why”), and M2 (“The How”), and collectively as “HelpDocs.”

Today, all changes in Tolko’s JDE E1 documentation are managed and controlled with Epilogue. For example, Epilogue played a key role in the change management portion of Tolko’s Project Costing Project, enabling it to rollout to up to four Tolko sites simultaneously, helping reduce time to competency while delivering proficiency at scale.

With Epilogue, Tolko is able to support the learning and training needs of their entire user base across their enterprise application ecosystem. They are able to create multiple types of educational content to suit varied employee learning styles, and can update it easily with Epilogue’s single-source editing capabilities.

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