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Performance Guidance Software: The Key to Greater Employee Competency
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Getting employees up to speed on new work processes takes time. In the case of onboarding new hires, it typically takes up to eight months before an employee is competent enough to reach full productivity, according to Harvard Business Review. While teaching employees how to use a new application shouldn’t take as long as learning [...]

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User Onboarding: Do You Have a Post-Launch Success Plan?
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You’re just days from your go live date—and it’s pretty exciting. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy in selecting the right vendor to solve your business need. You’ve made sure you have a solid business case, including calculating ROI. And, you’ve worked with the C-suite, mid-level managers, and even end users to make sure you have buy-in across all levels of the organization.

But, wait. Before you put on the party hats and blow kazoos, is it possible you’ve forgotten one small, but critical detail?

Your post-launch success plan.

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Digital Performance Support — Great idea, 25 years in the making!
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It’s been over 25 years since Gloria Gery, Barry Raybould and others defined the concept of Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS). Their broad vision was compelling but, at the time, there was no realistic technology to enable that vision. Over the last 25 years, incremental progress has been made one puzzle piece at a time [...]

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