Avoiding Retirement Brain Drain: The Best Ways

At Epilogue Systems, we have the best way to combat retirement brain drain in your company. Want to know what it is? Watch this video and find out!

Avoiding Retirement Brain Drain

Retirement brain drain is an inevitable result of running a business. At some point, the more tenured members of your team are going to move on or retire. And your company risks the threat of them taking their vast knowledge and expertise with them. Without tried and true methods for keeping institutional knowledge within a company as brain drain is occurring, your company will lose valuable hours, and potentially data. So what are the best ways to combat brain drain? In this video, we go over the best strategies to make sure that when employees retire, there are systems in place to make sure that knowledge is passed on. We go over things like mentoring programs and creating a standardized knowledge base at the company. We also go into the concepts of conceptual guidance tools as well as phased retirement. So if you want to avoid brain drain at your company, watch this video today!