Opus embraces AI to DAP

Unlocking Innovation: Epilogue Opus Embraces AI to Transform Digital Adoption 2024

In Q1 2024, Epilogue Opus will incorporate generative AI in the first of 4 AI phases

Enterprises worldwide grapple with the challenge of adopting and efficiently utilizing complex applications. However, the sheer sophistication of these tools often poses a significant challenge for users within medium to large organizations. Recognizing this hurdle, Opus emerges as a transformative Digital Adoption Platform, poised to revolutionize the way enterprises interact with and adopt complex applications.

 Epilogue Opus Embraces AI to Transform Digital Adoption 2024

Opus: Simplifying Enterprise Application Adoption

At its core, Epilogue Opus addresses the fundamental challenge users have in overcoming the steep learning curve associated with critical and complex enterprise applications. While these applications boast robust features, their complexity often hampers user adoption and the path to proficiency. Enter Opus – a game-changer that simplifies this process, streamlining the learning curve and enhancing interaction with critical enterprise applications in ways that other Digital Adoption Platforms cannot match due to its ease of use, speed of content creation and breadth of deliverables.

AI’s Transformative Role in Business and Epilogue Opus’s Integration

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved the way for transformative advancements. Businesses are employing AI in a variety of ways to improve their efficiencies, decrease costs and save time. In fact, Over 80% of businesses are using or plan to use AI in the next two years. Epilogue Opus is also in that race, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) marks a pivotal milestone in Opus’s evolution. Opus already suggests tailored application help and guidance to users based on a variety of parameters but with generative AI, Opus will have the ability for users to bring in organized information across content and sources. In Q1 2024, Opus will incorporate generative AI in the first of 4 AI phases.

  • AI-Powered Chatbot Capabilities: Epilogue Opus will leverage generative AI to its in-application component (called Opus Advisor). Specifically, not only will a user be able to access Opus’ suggested in-application help and guidance content, the user will also be able to use an AI Chatbot to ask a question related to an application. Opus’ Generative AI will provide an answer that is synthesized from all content in which the AI has been “trained”. For Phase 1 in Q1 2024, this involves training the AI on Opus content and in Phase 2, training will be able to incorporate customer-specific content that is imported into their respective Opus tenant. This expansion in Phase 2 will allow incorporation of information beyond application-specific content and will begin to broaden the utility of Opus beyond application adoption and into other aspects of workforce effectiveness.
  • Expansion Beyond Boundaries: Opus won’t stop at its own ecosystem but plans to include diverse sources outside its domain in Phase 3. This strategic move allows Opus to harness information beyond what can be incorporated into a customer’s tenant of Opus and will tap into other customer sources such as customer websites (internal and external), intranets, content management systems, etc. Such an expansion will significantly extend Opus’ impact on workforce effectiveness by leveraging any information the customer has that is of value to the workforce and which Opus AI can access and be trained.
  • Empowering Analytics with AI: In phase 4, Opus aims to tap into its data with AI-driven analytics querying. This enhancement promises to amplify analytics capabilities, moving beyond conventional reports and dashboards. AI’s access to a broader scope of information can unlock deeper insights for enhanced monitoring and decision-making.

The Future of Epilogue Opus

The integration of AI marks a transformative milestone for Opus. It not only streamlines application adoption but also paves the way for a more intuitive, responsive, and comprehensive platform. As Opus continues to evolve, its AI-driven capabilities promise to redefine the paradigm of enterprise application interactions and enable broader workforce effectiveness beyond a pure application focus.


In conclusion, the incorporation of AI into Opus represents a pivotal moment – a transformative leap towards a future where the barriers to effective adoption and continuous use of enterprise applications are no longer a primary component of digital transformation shortfalls and failures. AI will also allow Opus to extend beyond its current application focus and become a single point of guidance for relevant knowledge to enhance broader workforce effectiveness.

As Opus propels forward on this journey, the possibilities unveiled by AI integration herald a promising era for improved digital transformation outcomes and workforce success.

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