Epilogue Systems and Third Stage Consulting Group partner to drive digital transformation success through improved digital adoption

Saturday February 15, 2020

Epilogue Systems, the leader in workforce productivity acceleration and business process documentation, today announced they have partnered with Third Stage Consulting Group, the leading technology-agnostic digital transformation and ERP software consulting firm, led by industry veteran and digital transformation expert Eric Kimberling. This new partnership will help drive digital transformation success for high performing organizations through improved workforce digital adoption and critical business process documentation.

According to Kimberling, one of the primary reasons digital transformation initiatives fail is because organizations underestimate the difficulty of getting users to adopt new technologies. “Most businesses underestimate the importance of organizational change management as part of digital transformation,” said Kimberling. “It’s easier for people to keep doing what they’ve always done, regardless of what new software has been rolled out across an organization. Change management is a crucial component of driving end user adoption of ERPs and other enterprise applications, and without carving out time, expertise, and budget to enable it, the success of a digital transformation is at risk.”

Mike Graham, CEO of Epilogue Systems, added, “I’m thrilled to be partnered with Eric and Third Stage Consulting and to be working together to improve application adoption outcomes. Our Digital Adoption and Productivity Acceleration Platform, Opus, makes it easy to document critical business processes rapidly and at scale. Then we deliver that documentation and guidance to the right user at the right time–in their workflow. The end result helps drive digital adoption, adherence to new processes, and improves overall end-user productivity.”

Additionally, Epilogue will be participating in Third Stage Consulting Group’s Digital Stratosphere 2019 conference, to be held in Chicago, IL, August 7-9. Digital Stratosphere is the premier independent educational and peer networking event for organizations about to embark on a digital transformation or ERP / CRM/ HCM implementation. For more information about Digital Stratosphere 2019, visit https://stratosphere2019.com/.

About Third Stage Consulting
Third Stage is a leading independent consulting firm that offers highly specialised services focused on supporting clients worldwide in delivering transformational benefits from their digital and ERP initiatives.

Third Stage enables organisations of all sizes to maximise the value of their digital transformation & ERP solutions. Based in Denver, Colorado and Maidenhead, UK, Third Stage is not aligned to any ERP or digital technology provider, offering clients completely unbiased strategic advice, selection, implementation and assurance services through a growing network of highly skilled consultants dedicated to digital transformations.

About Epilogue Systems
Epilogue Systems is the creator of Opus, the world’s first Productivity Acceleration Platform (PAP), and Smart Documentation, the fastest and easiest way to create business process documentation. By facilitating proprietary knowledge sharing, providing embedded, contextual guidance in the flow of work, and gathering behavioral and user insights that enterprises currently lack, Epilogue is enabling organizations to work smarter, accelerate productivity and drive profitability. Epilogue Systems’ software is used by some of the world’s most innovative enterprises, including members of the Fortune 500.

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