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Improve software ROI

Enterprise applications require a huge investment. Are you maximizing your ROI with effective adoption?
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Maximize ROI for your enterprise applications

Enterprise applications are expensive. The cost of the software, the cost of consultants and contractors, the cost of the project team and the cost of on-going support, upgrades and optimizations.

If user adoption is sub-optimal, which is the norm, other costs emerge:
– the cost of reduced or collapsed user productivity
– the cost of user errors, omissions and rework
– the cost of underutilizing the enterprise application, negatively affecting the business outcomes the unused functionality impacts
– the cost of workarounds – users avoiding the enterprise application and using other tools (often Excel) which undermines the “one source of truth” objective.

To maximize enterprise application ROI, companies go to great lengths to ensure employees are actively using the application as intended. But most companies don’t have a way to validate user adoption, user performance, or user compliance with internal and external policies.

Epilogue Opus helps companies improve attainment of their software ROI by giving users exactly what they need, when they need it and how they need it:
– What they need: accurate task guidance that actually reflects the configuration of the process or task on the screen
– When they need it: as they are working in the enterprise application, attempting to perform an application task
– How they need it: in-application, not leaving their work and taking valuable time to search for content that probably doesn’t exist.

Epilogue helps companies improve software ROI by providing insight into user adoption, user performance within target applications, and compliance with internal and external policies. Epilogue also helps companies reduce training costs and improve the effectiveness of existing learning and development efforts. If you want to improve your software ROI, you want Epilogue.

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Epilogue Empowers Your Business To:

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Automatically create step-by-step process and user documentation simply by watching someone perform the application task.
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Leverage your Subject Matter Experts for broad and fast documentation of your application tasks. They don’t need to know Opus.
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Generate assets that can be incorporated into other learning methods such as eLearning, instructor led training and learning management systems.
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Generate SCORM and xAPI outputs to integrate into your Learning Management System (LMS).
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Application agnostic which means you can use Opus as your standard across your application landscape.
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Generate a wide range of documentation and learning assets for both pre and post go-live.

Learn how Epilogue can help you improve ROI for your enterprise application and software investments.

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Opus enables agile application documentation and in-application support.

Improve time to value for your applications
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Reduction in employee support tickets


Increase in new feature adoption


Increase in knowledge retention
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“ I’ve used so many tools to create user documentation and none are as simple as Opus or have Opus’ level of object recognition. We don’t get much time to create what users need, but with Opus, we can.”
Training Officer, Miami Dade Corrections
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Opus Gives You More Solutions

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Application Documentation
Improved Training
Improve software ROI
Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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