Epilogue Opus v.
Oracle Guided Learning

Determine which Digital Adoption Platform is best for your needs

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) is being introduced as a freemium offering on select Oracle Applications. It’s important to understand what that means and OGL’s limitations as compared to Epilogue Opus.

While OGL’s freemium offer is limited
to a few Oracle apps and a handful of processes, Opus allows unlimited use – processes and applications (Oracle and non-Oracle).

OGL requires JavaScript to be embedded in the target app, making deploying OGL for non-Oracle apps difficult and even unlikely . Opus is truly app agnostic, requiring no-code, no API, no integrations of any kind.

Opus bulk imports Oracle UPK ODARC files into fully editable Opus source files for easy editing
and maintenance. OGL does not convert UPK.

“Epilogue Opus is UPK on steroids. Everything we didn’t like about UPK, Opus does better. It’s obvious the Epilogue team knows UPK and what was difficult in UPK flows so much better in Opus.”

Trish Muir,
Director of Enterprise Resource Management, Michelman, Inc.

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Opus Provides

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Full-Stack In-App Guidance

Opus drives digital adoption with in-application guidance that auto-generates more content options than any other DAP for all your critical applications.

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Unlimited Content

Opus is your centralized resource for unlimited digital adoption content, pre go-live documentation and post go-live in-application help and guidance.

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No Code Platform

Up and running in minutes to support your full enterprise toolset (not just a few Oracle apps) at no additional cost & no code injection required.

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UPK Conversion

Opus’ bulk converter supports drag and drop import of 100’s or 1,000’s of UPK ODARC files into fully editable Opus files. OGL does not offer UPK conversion.

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Zero Learning Curve

Creating content with Opus is fast and easy with Zero Learning Curve, just click “record” and perform the process as you normally would, Opus does the rest.

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Comparing Epilogue Opus to Oracle Guided Learning

OGL FreemiumOGLOpusComparison Details
ApplicationsA few select Oracle appsPay by the appUnlimited at same priceOGL pricing is TBD in terms of higher user counts and incremental applications.
Oracle processesLimited to 15Full price OGLUnlimited at same priceOGL Freemium is limited to 15 processes which is unrealistic for supporting even the included apps.
Cross application processesNoFull price OGL, pay by the appUnlimited at same priceCross-application processes, though common, are not supported by OGL freemium, and costly with OGL
Requires embedded CodeYesYesNoOGL requires JavaScript snippet insertion in other apps which is difficult & time consuming. Opus requires no code, or integrations of any kind.
Oracle UPK conversionNoNoYesOGL cannot convert UPK content
in any fashion. Opus bulk converts UPK content into fully editable Opus content.
Browser compatibilityChrome onlyChrome onlyChrome, Edge, IEBusinesses use a variety of browsers.
Desktop appsNoNoYesBusinesses continue to have desktop-based apps and clients.
Multilingual SupportNoYesYesMany customers have global footprints or are located in other geographies.
Live SupportNoYesYesProjects have tight deadlines, timely response to customer questions and issues is critical.

“Improving the speed to proficiency during technology-driven transformation programs and sustaining that performance well beyond initial deployment is a critical success factor for our clients. Integrating products such as Opus into our adoption approach is central to meeting these client needs. We are building Opus as the enabling technology into a new offering to meet increasing market demand for digital adoption.”

Partner, Change Management,
Tier 1 Systems Integrator

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