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Opus gives your employees the knowledge they need to do their jobs faster

Enterprise applications are complex. They can be difficult for users to adopt and learn how to use, slowing digital transformation and change management initiatives, and reducing your ROI on software investments. Epilogue Opus, the leading enterprise-class cloud performance support solution, is the first productivity acceleration platform. It provides in-application, context sensitive support to users when they most need it – at the point of work.

Better training, change management, and digital transformation outcomes

Because Opus delivers contextual guidance at the point of work, users are empowered to do their jobs better and more easily instead of searching for help or trying to remember what they learned in training – if they ever actually received training. This can aid in productivity acceleration through improved user adoption of new and updated applications, fewer user errors, and faster time to competency (TtC).

Next generation productivity acceleration and performance support technology

Companies familiar with performance support are familiar with its benefits. Opus brings the next generation of performance support to the market with its productivity acceleration platform. With no on-premise hardware required, Opus can be easily deployed across an organization. Utilization analytics enable companies to understand employee performance within target application and make data-driven decisions based on this information. A modern user interface makes Opus the easiest performance support solution to learn and master for all user types – admins, content creators, and end users. And because Opus is SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI compliant, you can use it with your existing LMS.


Improve User Adoption

Make applications easier to navigate and use effectively by deploying intelligent, embedded support across your entire application ecosystem.

Enhance User Proficiency

Increase knowledge retention by guiding users through complex tasks at the point of work, where up to 70% of learning happens. Increased retention means more proficient users.

Understand User Performance

Data and analytics are used to optimize software and hardware; now, they can be used to understand and improve user performance within enterprise applications.

Bolster L&D Effectiveness

Train more users, more effectively, and in less time with in-application guidance, while allowing L&D professionals to focus on more high-value and urgent training activities.

using an oracle upk alternative for performance support

“Our team chose Opus for its ease of use and ability to meet the diverse needs of our company. We are excited about Opus’s direction and leadership in the performance support and productivity acceleration field.”

LeAndra Fisher
Training and Development Specialist
National Heritage Academy

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Cloud Performance Support

No need for on-premise hardware or maintenance and support contracts; SaaS subscription model makes everything easier.

Utilization Analytics

Understand user and team performance across your enterprise application ecosystem.


Single Source Editing

Edit one file and updates are automatically deployed to all associated assets.

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Collaborative Authoring

Leverage application SMEs when recording and editing learning content by having them record critical tasks and processes.


Modern User Interface

A clean, simple UI makes Opus a breeze to use for admins, authors, editors, and end-users.


ODARC File Conversion

Because you can convert UPK ODARC files for use in Opus, you can continue to use and build on your existing content library.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with built-in backup and disaster recovery.


Tin Can/xAPI and SCORM Compliant

Opus works with your LMS, helping to enhance existing L&D efforts.

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