Oracle EBS – too old to Rock-n-Roll, too young to die?

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Since its launch in February 2007, thousands of entities have purchased the Oracle E-Business Suite and on April 20, 2020, Oracle announced premier support of Release 12.2 will continue through “at least 2031”.

This is good news for many EBS customers who invested significant money, time and effort and wish to continue to use EBS. These customers are those for whom EBS is effective for their operations or at least, not painful enough to warrant another disruptive digital transformation.

The continued use of Oracle EBS requires training, onboarding and support. It requires effective user adoption.

Oracle has long relied on another Oracle product to facilitate the development of training content and in-application help, namely, Oracle UPK. But unlike EBS, Oracle UPK is not surviving.

Oracle UPK – the historical adoption tool is not surviving

Oracle EBS customers typically bought Oracle UPK, the premier digital adoption tool of its day, to develop custom help content. They also may have purchased pre-built UPK content. In fact, they bought of lot of it, ranging from a few hundred topics to over 1,000 topics.

UPK premier support sunsets Dec. 31, 2022 as described here. This is presenting a problem for thousands of customers who have to decide what do. Oracle has told its UPK customers they should do their own research and self-select an alternative solution to replace UPK.

Dec. 31, 2022 is not that far away when you consider the process required to assess, purchase an implement a replacement. And there are risks to continued use of UPK that should be understood and are summarized in this prior blog:

Very few Digital Adoption Solutions will work with Oracle EBS … due to JAVA FORMS

In considering a replacement digital adoption solution, make sure you pick one that works with Java Forms. Many solutions simply don’t work with Java Forms. This should be a deal breaker because in most cases there’s no work around and in others, the work around is very painful.

Seeing is believing so we recommend having the digital adoption solution providers you are considering actually prove they work on Oracle EBS and not via a controlled or canned demo but actually allow you to “try before you buy”.

Our Enterprise Digital Adoption Solution, Opus, is one of the very few that do work with Java Forms so creating and maintaining digital support content is not only feasible, it’s easy and fast.

Don’t lose your investment in UPK content

Finding a digital adoption solution that works with Oracle EBS is one thing, finding a solution that will allow you to salvage your existing UPK content and convert it to the new solutions format is another. Further, converted UPK content needs to be fully editable so the content can be updated and maintained as needed.

Opus Enterprise Digital Adoption Solution.
Converts UPK content in minutes to fully editable Opus content.

Why is Epilogue Opus the best replacement for Oracle UPK? Because we built it, we supported it and we sold it!

We developed UPK, we supported UPK and we sold UPK. Now we’ve brought that experience and expertise to Epilogue Opus, the best alternative to UPK. The following key Epilogue team members have between 10-20 years of experience with UPK, before and after Oracle acquired it.

Mark Overton – CTO, former Product & Engineering for Oracle UPK and originally developed UPK
Tom Casillas – Director of Operations, former Lead Technical Support for UPK
Bob O’Neill – SVP Sales, former Director of Sales Operations for UPK

We also understand your UPK deployment, the applications it’s used on and truly believe Epilogue Opus is the top consideration as you transition off UPK. For more resources about Opus as a replacement for UPK, click here.

Let us know if you’d like to see Opus or the Opus converter in action.

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