McKesson Training

Accelerate McKesson implementation, increase user adoption & improve employee productivity all at the same time

Do you have a plan to drive user adoption with McKesson?

You've made a big commitment moving to McKesson. But do you have a plan to drive user adoption once you're in full-force McKesson software training mode? How about increasing overall employee productivity once they're using it? Epilogue's Opus Digital Adoption Solution delivers contextual guidance to end-users to accelerate McKesson training, making the McKesson onboarding process a seamless & pain-free experience.

Help Employees Increase Productivity in McKesson with the Opus Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

Benefits of Workday HCM Implementation with Opus:

✔ Improve user adoption rates

✔ Simplify user experience to reduce resistance to change

✔ Shorten time-to-competency for McKesson software training

✔ Improve Employee Productivity

✔ Accelerate McKesson onboarding to increase software ROI

"Mistakes made during training cost you nothing. Mistakes made on the job cost you real hard dollars. Integrate a Productivity Acceleration Platform into your strategy and support the Point-of Work where consistent performance really matters."

GARY WISE | Performance Support Professional

Why User Adoption is Mission Critical for Your Business

44% of companies say user adoption is one of their biggest challenges with a software implementation


70% of technology projects fail to deliver their desired results in part due to poor adoption


74% of people we surveyed spent half of their week dealing with user adoption challenges


50% of all respondents say they have no user adoption strategy in place


Schedule your 20-minute walk-through today and discover how to give your employees the right knowledge to get more done in less time.

Opus' Digital Adoption Platform Integrates with the most popular software in the world

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