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What is RapidLearn?

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) designed for the size and scale of enterprise and complex applications (ERP, CRM, HCM, etc.) and the entities that use them.

Capgemini has partnered with Epilogue Systems to private label their Digital Adoption Platform as RapidLearn. Epilogue sells and markets their DAP, called Opus, but does not provide services that conflict with ours nor will they compete against us on our engagements, rather, they will be a resource to us to faciliate our positioning and use of RapidLearn.

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Document application processes/tasks in minutes

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“No learning curve” ease of use allows any SME to create content

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help & guidance

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Project, team, task & content workflow management

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How RapidLearn transforms Capgemini projects

Accelerated Integration Processes

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RapidLearn simplifies complex integration tasks, allowing Capgemini to rapidly connect disparate systems and applications. Its intuitive interface and robust functionality reduce the technical barriers often encountered, enabling quicker project completions and faster time-to-value for clients.

Enhanced Learning and Adoption

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With its advanced digital adoption solutions, RapidLearn facilitates smoother transitions for end-users adopting new software systems. It offers interactive guides and in-application support, significantly reducing the learning curve and increasing user engagement and proficiency with new technologies.

Optimized Performance and Productivity

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By providing real-time insights and analytics, RapidLearn helps Capgemini monitor and optimize the performance of the integrated systems. This data-driven approach ensures that any issues are promptly identified and addressed, leading to improved reliability and productivity.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

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With regular updates and a commitment to innovation, RapidLearn ensures that Capgemini are always equipped with the latest tools and best practices in technology integration. This commitment to excellence supports continuous improvement and positions Capgemini as leaders in their field.

Competitive Advantage

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Leveraging RapidLearn allows Capgemini to offer their clients a superior integration experience, characterized by faster deployments, enhanced user adoption, and greater ROI. This competitive edge can be instrumental in winning new business and fostering long-term client relationships.

Scalability and Flexibility

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RapidLearn is designed to support Capgemini as they grow, offering scalable solutions that adapt to increasing demands. Whether integrating a small set of applications or an enterprise-wide system, RapidLearn provides the flexibility needed to meet changing requirements efficiently.

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The Business Impact of RapidLearn

RapidLearn manages the creation and deployment of all the content you need, both pre- and post-go-live. RapidLearn solves daily challenges with two-click support in the live app, easy training for new hires, and rapid knowledge transfer for new processes/functionality.

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What applications does RapidLearn support, and are there additional costs for additional applications?

RapidLearn is designed to support a wide range of applications, offering flexibility and comprehensive coverage for various learning needs. There is no additional software cost for additional applications. This results in increased services revenue and complete coverage across a customer’s tech stack.

RapidLearn versus Competitors

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Explore our reference materials, including the Vertiv Case Study (migration from EBS to Oracle Cloud), Williams Case Study (EBS to Cloud plus other apps), and comparison between RapidLearn and Oracle Guided Learning (OGL).