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Project Management

  • Project timelines inevitably get squeezed
  • Training, if any, rarely reflects the actual deployed application
  • Project SME’s can’t help document the application
  • Your stakeholders are unsatisfied with user onboarding

Systems Integration

  • Training is expensive and ineffective
  • Not enough time between final configuration and go-live
  • Optimization efforts are hindered by lack of current state documentation
  • You need to provide more value for your clients

Business Unit

  • After go-live, appliation effectiveness falls to you
  • Errors, omissions and rework and low productivity occur too often
  • Application Training is expensive, disruptive and not effective
  • Your other forms of knowledge transfer aren’t working as intended

Learning & Development

  • It’s simply not possible to create the content that’s needed in the time available
  • You don’t have a solution and a method that can extend across the enterprise
  • Training doesn’t stick, users forget before they start using the application
  • Your stakeholders aren’t satisfied