Partnership Case Study: SEAP Solutions

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The Partner

SEAP Solutions, Inc., a spin-off of the The VCAN Group, is a privately-owned corporation based in Canada, serving customers across the US, Canadian, and LATAM Markets. With over 40 years of experience, the SEAP leadership team has helped more than 300 organizations across North America with eLearning, training, professional and project management services to support their Oracle, Peoplesoft, and SAP projects. Additionally, the SEAP LMS allows them to partner with organizations across multiple market segments to create highly productive and engaged workforces.

“Opus gives us both the power and ease of use we need, and our customers need, in a pure cloud environment.”

Mike Weber, President and Founder, SEAP Solutions, Inc.

The Need

“The combined SEAP LMS and Opus solution is the only one of its kind that lets an organization create rich learning content for all of their business applications in the cloud, and deliver it through different modalities, like eLearning courses, video simulations, and job aids, all focused on the unique needs of a user, or requirements of a project.”

Mike Weber, President and Founder, SEAP Solutions, Inc.

SEAP was looking for clear and compelling alternative to Oracle UPK, which is set to sunset in 2022. SEAP’s core requirements for a UPK replacement included:

  • A pure-cloud solution that could easily support international deployments
  • Support for multiple output types
  • Allowing customers to continue using their existing Oracle UPK content libraries
employees using a productivity acceleration platform

The Partnership

Upon selecting Epilogue Opus as their UPK replacement of choice, SEAP signed on to be an Epilogue VAR. However, because of the level of support SEAP received, including:

  • engagement with Epilogue’s CTO and VP of Product,
  • collaboration on joint marketing efforts, and
  • white-glove treatment from Customer Success,

the relationship quickly grew into much more for both SEAP and Epilogue. SEAP now views Epilogue as a strategic partner. Today, SEAP is a distributor of Opus in North American and LATAM markets. Additionally, SEAP has integrated Opus into their SEAP LMS product, resulting in an application with enterprise-class content creation and contextual guidance capabilities, matched with the content management and distribution power of a next-generation LMS.

“The partnership between SEAP Solutions and Epilogue Systems is a value driver for both companies. We’re proud to partner with SEAP.”

Mike Graham, CEO and Founder, Epilogue Systems

The Benefit

Because of the close alignment and deep engagement between SEAP and Epilogue, SEAP has been able to influence the Opus roadmap through participation in the Opus Advisory Group, has integrated Opus into the SEAP LMS, and has found a next generation replacement for their Oracle UPK customers who will be left without support from Oracle in 2022. In Epilogue, SEAP has found a strategic partner that aligns with their business goals, and will help them expand their customer base.

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