Epilogue Support Policy and Service Level Agreement

Our commitment to you.

Technical Support


Epilogue Systems will provide technical support during normal working hours from 9AM to 5PM EDT.

Severity Level Designation

The customer will reasonably self-diagnose their support issue and recommend to Epilogue an appropriate severity level designation.  Epilogue will validate the customer’s severity level designation or notify the customer of a proposed change in the severity level designation to a higher or lower level with justification.  In the event of a conflict regarding the appropriate severity level designation, each party shall promptly escalate such conflict to its management team for resolution through consultation between the parties’ management, during which time the parties shall continue to handle the support issue in accordance with Epilogue’s severity level designation. 

Response and Escalation

Response Time is the period from the time when a customer logs the case with Epilogue until Epilogue responds to the customer.  Because of the widely varying nature of issues, it is not possible to provide specific resolution commitments. 

In the event of a severity level 1 or 2 issue, if the customer is not satisfied with the progress of the case, the customer may escalate the case to Epilogue management. 

Customer Response Commitment

The customer will respond to Epilogue requests for additional information and implement recommended solutions in a timely manner.

Support Scope

Epilogue will support functionality that is delivered by Epilogue as part of the service.  For all other functionality, and/or issues or errors in the service caused by issues, errors and/or changes in customer’s systems and/or third party products or services, Epilogue may assist the customer and its third party providers in diagnosing and resolving issues or errors but the customer acknowledges that these matters are outside of Epilogue’s support responsibility.  Service failures attributable to customer’s acts or omissions and force majeure events shall be excused.

Response Time

Severity Level: High

An incident that impacts a go-live date, prevents access to a key function of the application, and has no workaround. Key characteristics of a High priority issue are as follows:

  • Opus is inaccessible (cannot log in or access Opus tools)
  • Opus crashes repeatedly
  • A main component of Opus is not functioning properly and there is no workaround

If the problem has not been resolved within one hour, Epilogue will escalate the problem across support, development, and management.  The escalated problem will have higher priority than ongoing support, development or operations initiatives.


Severity Level: Medium

An incident that is impacting Opus functionality and/or the effectiveness of the user within Opus. Opus itself remains accessible with limitations on minor functionality.


Severity Level: Low

An incident that has a minimal impact on the system or effectiveness of the customer. No real issue is present preventing any work in Opus, or the issue has an easily implemented workaround.

RESPONSE TIME: 1 Business Day


Service Availability

OPUS  Service Availability commitment for a given calendar month is 99.5%. 

Service Availability is calculated per month as follows:   ((Total – Unplanned Outage – Planned Maintenance) / (Total – Planned Maintenance)) X 100 > 99.5% 

Planned Maintenance 

Epilogue updates are pushed to production after working hours.  These updates happen once every one to two weeks.  Scheduled downtime allocated for these updates is no more than 30 minutes.

Epilogue reserves 4 hours of non-working hour downtime for larger updates per quarter.  Epilogue will notify customers 72 hours prior to any planned maintenance longer than 30 minutes

Unplanned Outage

Unplanned outage is total minutes unavailable in the month outside of the planned maintenance window

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See our SOC2 Audit Report for Security and Operational compliance.

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