Epilogue Opus
Digital Adoption Solution

Create content, engage employees, and manage assets with the leading
digital adoption solution and productivity acceleration platform

Create, engage, and manage simply and easily

Create Content Easily

Spend 75% less time documenting your applications
  • Automatically capture tasks, automatically build help & contextual guidance resources
  • Works with any Windows or web-based application
  • Generates key learning outputs in all major languages

Engage Application Users

Smart in-application help & guidance in real-time
  • Empower users to help themselves at their moment of need
  • Delivers multiple formats for individual learning preference
  • Significantly reduce scenario training & reduce help desk calls and tickets

Manage Projects, Tasks, and Assets

Stay on top of it all, extend to multiple projects and applications
  • Collaboration & workflow for creating, reviewing, approving and maintaining content
  • Creates and enables standards for content creation
  • Edits and updates flow through to existing content
  • Enables incorporation of 3rd party content

Use Cases

Performance support, in-application guidance, digital adoption solution (DAS) – Epilogue’s solution goes by different names in different circles. But in the end, it is about equipping your employees with the right knowledge to get their jobs done faster. Explore some use cases for Epilogue Systems Smart Documentation and the Opus Digital Adoption Solution (DAS).

Application Platforms

Epilogue is application agnostic, and works with any Windows or web-based application platform. Here are some of the most common enterprise application platforms Epilogue is used in conjunction with. Don’t see yours on the list? That’s OK – we still probably support it. Schedule a time to speak with us and we’ll let you know if your application works with Epilogue.
Microsoft Dynamics