Someone using smart documentation to create job aids and training manuals

What is Smart Documentation?

Smart Documentation is the fastest, easiest way to create eLearning content, application documentation, training resources, and job aids. Simply open any application you’re working on, click “Record,” and perform any process. When you’re done, click “stop.” Smart Documentation follows what you are doing and records each step automagically.

Then, customize your recording with Smart Documentation’s powerful editing suite and publish your Smart Docs – each recording can generate up to 8 types of Smart Docs, including standard, accessibility (in the US, 508) compliant, and different simulations. It can even generate custom PDFs, and SCORM packages to help supercharge your LMS or LXP.

The benefits of Smart Documentation

It’s more than just fast – it’s a game changer

Rapidly document your most critical business processes

engage SMEs

Engage cross-functional SMEs in the documentation process seamlessly

record once multiple outputs

Record once and create multiple output types

Create content easily

With Smart Documentation from Epilogue, documenting workflows and creating job aids couldn’t be easier or faster. Simply click the “record” button, and perform a workflow or task in an application. When you’ve completed performing your workflow or task, simply click the record button again to stop the recording. It’s that simple.

You can create Smart documentation on any web or windows based application, including ERPs, HCMs, CRMs, and more. You can even record workflows and business processes on custom built webapps found inside many organizations.

Customize documentation

Editing smart documentation is quick and easy. The intuitive editor is powerful yet flexible, allowing you to publish documentation just as it was recorded, or add custom elements, like voice instructions, powerpoint slides, custom notes, and more.

Single recording, multiple outputs

With smart documentation, you can automatically generate up to 8 output types from a single recording, including standard job aids, accessibility-compliant job aids, demo simulations, SCORM packages to use with your LMS or LXP, and PDFs, all of which can be customized to match your organization’s branding.

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