Post launch success

An application go-live date doesn’t mark the successful end of a project. Success means people are using the application. Do you have a post launch success plan?

Drive post launch success with intelligent, embedded support and user analytics

Huge amounts of time, money and resources are applied to enterprise application implementation and launch projects. Frequently, teams view application go-live as the successful end of the project. But the real measure of success is not if the application is live, but whether or not employees are using it effectively.

To make sure employees know how to use it correctly, companies invest yet more time, money, and resources in training users on the application. While traditional training strategies can provide some help, they don’t provide support when it is needed most – in the moment of need, at the point of work.

Epilogue provides organizations with a post launch success plan by deploying intelligent embedded support to users when they need it most – at the point of work. And by also providing data about user behaviors in target applications, organizations can see where users require additional help, and fix problems before they have a negative business impact.

employee using post launch success platform for new enterprise application

Epilogue Empowers Your Business To:

man typing on keyboard following post launch success plan implementation
  • Improve time to competency (TtC) for your users, and time to value (TtV) for your applications
  • Evaluate ROI for your software investments
  • Gain insight into application user adoption and performance across your organization
  • Make data-driven decisions about training, support, and the need for targeted interventions
  • Provide support at the point of work, instead of in a classroom before or after the moment of need
  • Improve the effectiveness of your L&D efforts
  • Enhance employee productivity while reducing errors

Learn how Epilogue can help you create a post launch success plan for your application deployment projects.

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