Digital Adoption Solution Buyer’s Guide

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2019 Productivity Acceleration Platform Buyer's Guide

The Productivity Acceleration Platform Buyer’s Guide lays out how a Productivity Acceleration Platform (included in this category are Digital Adoption Platforms, Performance Support Systems, Product Guidance Applications, Contextual Guidance Solutions, etc.) adds value to digital transformation initiatives and enterprise application deployments, and helps organizations identify what type of PAP can help them achieve their goals.

How to Conduct a Skills Gap Analysis in Your Company

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Two people at a table with laptops and a piece of paper between the two of them with numbers and notes.
A skills gap analysis allows a company to understand the difference between the skills that current or potential employees possess and the skills they lack. By analyzing this gap, an employer can better understand the training and tools workers need to perform their jobs better. According to the Harvard Business Review, the skills gap is very real. In an employer ... Read More

4 Employee Onboarding Mistakes To Avoid

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avoid these common employee onboarding mistakes

When it comes to hiring and retaining top talent, the onboarding process is one of the most important places you can focus your efforts. But how do you know if your spending your time doing the right things? Here are 4 employee onboarding mistakes to avoid.

Tips For Avoiding Retirement Brain Drain

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a company looking to avoid retirement brain drain

In the business world, brain drain is, broadly speaking, the loss of institutional knowledge from an organization when a highly skilled or educated employee leaves for another job or retires. Highly-skilled baby boomer employees are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day in the US. Fortunately, companies can employ several strategies to reduce brain drain in their organizations.