General Dynamics Information Technology

Friday August 26, 2022


General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), a division of Dynamics Corporation a Fortune 100 Global organization with operations in 45 counties, is an Information Technology product and services company providing services primarily to the Department of Defense and other national security agencies. GDIT was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Virginia, USA.

GDIT implemented Epilogue Opus in under 3 weeks in 2021, converting thousands of Oracle UPK topics and related content. Christopher Ziomek, Application Functional Lead for the Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System [ HIGLAS ] which supports four lines of CMS [ The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ] business for the Department of Health and Human Services DHHS ] was especially pleased with the ease of use of Opus and the Epilogue Support and fast response time.

GDIT tested four solutions Adobe Suite, Whatfix, Ancile uPerform and Epilogue Opus, and Christopher Ziomek states “We tested all offerings thoroughly, and because of the confidential nature of the Applications and content, security was a high priority or GDIT”. Ziomek continues “Opus was the clear choice on UPK conversion, in testing and security. In fact, some of the competitors to Opus do not have a UPK converting process, which was a big factor for GDIT”.

As the HIGLAS Application has to comply the High Security status with The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program [ FedRAMP ], a USA government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, the GDIT testing of Opus was thorough over the course of several months before a decision to migrate away from Oracle UPK on E-Business Suite.

Ziomek continues “The GDIT IT Security Team are focused on keeping all the information on Oracle Federal Financials safe, and our due diligence for the thousands of end users meant  that the Team were heavily involved at every step” The Opus Content, created on EBS, Incorta and ServiceNow and using Cornerstone LMS and Oracle OBIEE and, is refreshed every 90 days as a standard best practice for CMS. GDIT likes the ease of editing in Opus, UPK conversion utility & language conversion functionality. Additional training benefits include Quizzes & Tests on competency of Health and Human Services employees, as well as Sandbox access via Opus Simulations.

Digital Adoption Business Transformation

GDIT had several Key Business Objectives including migration away from Oracle UPK and increase user adoption. These objectives were mirrored in Learning offerings:

  • Training covers all employees on a variety of Applications
  • Training material available close to Live Date
  • Reduce time to proficiency
  • There for new employees
  • Training uses IT Application system screen
  • No end user disruption in migration from UPK

GDIT evaluated other leaning solutions such as ANCILE uPerform, Adobe and Whatfix but after due diligence settled on Epilogue Opus for a variety of reasons including ease of use, just-in-time training & support, centralized content, and bulk conversion of Oracle UPK.


  • Opus is now the HIGLAS end user support platform for DHHS
  • Replaced Oracle UPK in 2021 in under 3 weeks
  • IT Applications include Oracle E-Business Suite, ServiceNow, Incorta and Cornerstone LMS. Metrics also exported to Oracle OBIEE
  • GDIT create content for CMS that includes End User (Job Aid) document, 508c Accessible Documents, detailed transactional simulations, Interactive Simulation or Hands-on and Test Simulation to evaluate on skills retention
  • GDIT also compile these into eBooks in Opus and publish into a variety of outputs including SCORM and to Oracle OBIEE.

Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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