Follow Me, the best enterprise walk-through, created in minutes

Follow Me provides users with in-application guidance, walking them step-by-step through your application processes and tasks, while they do the work.
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What is a walk-through?

A walk-through helps users execute application tasks correctly, without training.

Guides a user step-by-step through the process


Tells the user what to do at each step


Allows the user to execute the correct action in the live  application


Continues each step through completion

Follow Me: the next generation walk-through

Create walk-throughs in minutes

As fast as an SME can perform the process

Zero learning curve for creation

Just click and “go”

Created automatically like all other Opus content

Single source/multiple outputs

Easily adapt to changes in your target application

Update in minutes

Benefits of Follow Me

Faster time to user proficiency

Eliminate ineffective and costly training

Reduced support tickets

40-85% reduction in help desk tickets

Greater user satisfaction

Self-sufficiency is motivating

Dramatically faster creation time

Up to 95% faster that other tools

How is the Opus Follow Me walk-through different?

The Opus Follow Me uses an entirely different walk-through technology that allows any SME to create a walk-through in a fraction of the time – no learning curve, created as fast as the SME can execute the targeted process. Other walk-through tools require advanced technical knowledge of the tool which limits who can be a walk-through creator, reduces how many you can create, and greatly increases maintenance cost.

Opus with Follow Me supports all digital adoption needs

Scales to any volume

10, 100, 1,000 walk-throughs

Moment of need is best

Right content at the right time to the right user

Different user skill levels

Skill levels vary, enable guidance to their level of need

Users have different learning styles

Read, watch, tell me, guide me – give them what they prefer

Onboarding to on-going

Prescriptive guidance for beginners to reminder/remedial support for more experienced users

Varied process complexity

Simple tasks to the most complex tasks

Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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