The first enterprise-ready Walk-Through: Follow Me, created in minutes.

The new Opus feature is a one of a kind Walk-through that allows you to create, in minutes (not hours), an in-app overlay that walks your team carefully through your business processes!
Get moving with Opus

The next generation Walk-Through

Create content in minutes

Zero learning curve

Created automatically with other Opus outputs

Designed to adapt to changes in your target application

What Does Follow Me Do?

Our Walk-Through is designed so that anyone in your organization can build one without the need for coding. This enables your team to become more accurate and faster so that  building content is effortless, quicker, and easier to maintain.

Why You Should Use Follow Me

Not One Size Fits All

Match your outputs with the level of detail sized for the task and user base.

Users Have Different Learning Styles:

Select outputs for each learning preference: Follow Me Walk-Through, online job aid, simulations, books, etc.

Moment of Need is Best:

In-application guidance for immediate help, with robust documentation available for deeper learning.

Onboarding to On-going

Scaled from step-by-step onboarding to on-going reminders.

Task Familiarity

User capability varies across apps; enable guidance to their level of need.

Varied Process Complexity

Not all tasks need Walk-Throughs but still need something- provide guidance relevant to your processes.

Increase revenue growth
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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