The best Oracle UPK alternative – Epilogue Opus

Oracle UPK is no longer supported* – security and compliance risk!

*Unsupported as of December 2022

Replace Oracle UPK with Epilogue Opus, the next generation Digital Adoption Platform, and save your investment in Oracle UPK while avoiding security and compliance risk.

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Unsupported Software: The Hidden Weak Link
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Cybersecurity and compliance risks are ever changing. How does unsupported software impact your business?

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Epilogue Opus saves your UPK investment

  • Convert UPK files in bulk and in minutes
  • Converted into fully editable files for easy maintenance
  • Deliver in-application help to your users at their moment of need
  • Watch this video to see how fast and easy it is to convert your UPK content

Migrate your Oracle UPK content in 3 easy steps

Export the UPK ODARC files you want to save
Use the Opus UPK Content Converter and bulk convert into fully editable Opus files … in minutes
Deliver this content in-application to your users with the Opus Digital Adoption Platform
“ Epilogue Opus is UPK on steroids. Everything we didn’t like about UPK, Opus does better. It’s obvious the Epilogue team knows UPK and what was difficult in UPK flows so much better in Opus. And we like that Opus can be used on any system. ”
Trish Muir, Director of Enterprise Resource Management, Michelman, Inc.
“ The UPK conversion process was so easy using Opus. It accelerated our migration off Oracle UPK in eQMS ”
QA Project Manager, Canon Medical Systems

Why Epilogue Opus is the best UPK replacement

Security & compliance

Unsupported software security risk and non-compliance with most company’s IT policy.

Save your UPK content

Converting UPK content files requires a robust converter that knows the complexities of UPK. Our team developed UPK so we know.

Convert to editable source files

While other tools import the player package, Opus imports ODARC’s into fully editable source files.

Ease of use

UPK was the best but required skill and experience to use. Opus’ zero learning curve allows SME’s to capture their processes quickly and easily.

Bulk conversion

Opus’ bulk converter supports drag and drop import of 100’s or 1,000’s of ODARC files. Start the import and Opus does the rest.


UPK struggles with your cloud applications. Opus is designed for the Cloud and still handles desktop.

Next generation DAP

Opus is the latest technology for digital adoption process capture and guidance generation. Opus can be used across your entire application stack.


Get on-going updates, enhancements and bug fixes every month at no additional cost. Powered by AWS – secure, stable, scalable.

Opus vs UPK Comparison

Oracle UPK


  • No on-premise server or client installation required
  • Powered by AWS
  • Pricing is charged per user; there are no maintenance and support fee
  • Oracle UPK is a legacy on-premise application, requiring local server installation
  • Server and database access and administration are required
  • Annual maintenance and support costs are charged on top of licensing costs

Ease of use

  • Modern UI intuitively delivers powerful features to non-technical users
  • Easily customize templates for content output
  • One-click content publishing and deployment
  • Legacy UI (last major release 2014) can be difficult to navigate
  • Extensive training and product knowledge required to customize templates
  • Publishing is complex and requires a second server for deployment


  • Utilization analytics are built into Opus
  • No built-in analytics are available

Project, team and asset management

  • Create and manage projects, teams and content directly in Opus
  • Leverage SME knowledge for collaborative authoring
  • System generated emails and built-in dashboard ensure everyone knows deliverables, deadlines and task status
  • No built-in project, team, or content management
  • No way to easily engage SMEs in the content creation or review process
  • No system generated emails for task notification and status


  • SCORM compliant
  • xAPI/TinCan compliant
  • Integrated Single Sign On (SSO)
  • SCORM compliant
  • Not xAPI/TinCan compliant
  • No integrated Single Sign On (SSO)

Existing content

Keep using it
  • Easily convert your UPK content into fully editable Opus content
  • Easily edit existing content and instantly redeploy to users
Keep using it
  • Continue using until your IT says you can’t or it stops working
Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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