A decade of digital adoption, our story is about evolution.

Simplify the adoption and use of critical business software.

History and Vision


Epilogue Systems was founded in 2010. Founder Mike Graham, had been involved with technology throughout his career and in his experience, implementing software was expensive, disruptive, time consuming and usually fell short of expected outcomes. The reasons for this could vary but consistent in all experiences was the challenge of getting the workforce to effectively embrace and use the software, initially and on-going as circumstances changed.

Mike’s vision has been to make adopting and using critical business software as simple as possible – for the users of your critical business applications and for those responsible for creating what’s needed for effective adoption. Additionally, the Team knew that for this to be truly effective, you had to get past the first and toughest barrier, being able to actually generate the digital adoption content in the volume needed and in the short time typically allotted.

Our product – Epilogue Opus

In mid-2018, Epilogue launched Opus, the first truly Cloud/SaaS Digital Adoption Solution built for the critical and complex applications used by medium sized to enterprise entities. The primary tenets embodied in Opus are Easy and Fast – in all aspects of the digital adoption experience. Opus captures a full application task or process as quickly as it can be performed – whether a 20 step task or a 100 step task, in minutes Opus captures that task. From these “recordings”, Opus automatically generates a wide variety of outputs used for multiple purposes as shown below.

Serving a broader application lifecycle

Current State/Future State
Document your current state quickly and easily to support developing future state.
Content Maintenance
One source, many output machanism allows enterprise to keep up with application changes.
Rinse and Repeat
Updates, upgrades and optimizations become new projects. Opus brings the same pre- and post-go live benefits to every project.
New users, changing roles, or expanding roles – Opus enables constant onboarding.
Sustained Proficiency
Opus accommodates the changing need for support as users gain experience.
Users are good at helping to improve, Opus gives them the ability to give feedback.
Opus provides in-app guidance at the user’s moment of need, for as many application tasks as needed.
Application Coverage
No limit to digital adoption support. Swiftly create content in high volume with zero learning curve.
User Acceptance Testing
Opus creates UAT scripts in minutes and eliminate the delays and frustrations of gaining correct scripts.
Compliance Documentation
Opus creates Application Process Step-by-Step documentation for SOX, SOC2, ISO, FDA Validation and more.
Training Assets
Opus can be leveraged into blended training such as eLearning, LMS, LXP, ILT and CBT.
Update Upgrade Optimize
Operate & Sustain
Test & FinalPrep
Build & Configure
Select Software

Other high quality digital adoption solutions have emerged (see this Buyer’s Guide to learn more) and it’s an exciting time for those interested in improving the user experience and outcomes with software. But as with any tool, it’s about the right tool for the right purpose. If you’re interested in more perspective on the emergence of Digital Adoption and a brief discussion of the differences between the two major technologies involved in digital adoption, check out this prior post: Digital Adoption Solutions – 25 Years in the Making.

Epilogue Systems’ software is used by some of the world’s most innovative companies, including members of the Fortune 500.

Meet Our Team

Mike Graham
CEO and Founder
25+ years as Founder, CEO, COO in technology companies, last 10 years in Digital Adoption
Mark Overton
Chief Innovation Officer
25 years in Digital Adoption, former VP of Development for Oracle UPK
Barry Smith
Head of Customer Success and Product Management
20 years in Digital Adoption, Training and Change Management
Tom Casillas
Head of Operations & Technical Support
Digital Adoption since 2007, former Technical Support Team Lead for Oracle UPK
Bill Bellew
20+ years overseeing Financial and Administration operations
Vince Lucey
Sales & Business Development
20 years of Digital Adoption sales, former head of Global Consulting for Oracle UPK
David DiLeo
20+ years leading global technology and software functions in mission critical industries.

Careers at Epilogue Systems

Epilogue Systems is a fast growing company with a laser focus on creating the best Digital Adoption Solution. To do this, we have to have a great team to support this mission. If you’re smart, dedicated, and passionate, and want to grow your career, come join our team!

Epilogue is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards. If you see behavior you believe is unethical within the company, please email [email protected] All information will be kept confidential.
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