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Learn how partnering with Epilogue and our Opus DAP improves project productivity, user adoption and client satisfaction
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Why partner with Epilogue?

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Opus benefits to OCM consultancies
  • Enhanced Onboarding: streamline onboarding process with personalized interactive training
  • Increased User Engagement: reduce frustration and increase adoption rates with interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, and prompts within UI
  • Efficient Training & Support: deliver targeted training at the point of need to enable employees to learn new processes and troubleshoot issues independently
  • Real-time Analytics & Insights: track user engagement to focus on specific pain points and make data-driven decisions to improve adoption rates
  • Continuous Improvement: enable on-going monitoring and feedback collection to identify areas for improvement, optimize training materials, and refine change management strategies over time
  • Scalability & Consistency: ensure consistency with standardized content and workflows across teams and locations
  • Content Development & Maintenance: leverage pre-built content on a time and materials basis to support clients
  • UPK Content Conversion and Update: rapidly convert UPK content into fully editable Opus documents
Opus benefits to Systems Integrators
  • Faster implementation: speed up the implementation process, allowing systems integrators to deliver solutions to their clients more quickly
  • Improved user adoption: reduce the amount of training and support needed
  • Reduced costs: lower costs for systems integrators
  • Better outcomes: improve the overall outcomes of technology implementations
  • Revenue share: If desired, Epilogue can potentially share Opus revenue for a qualified referral/resell
Opus benefits to ISVs
  • Enhanced Onboarding: Opus provides personalized guidance, simulations, job aids and walkthroughs to ensure users quickly understand functionality. CSAT is improved and user abandonment is reduced
  • Improved Feature Adoption: Many software products have extensive features that users may not understand. Opus actively guides users through with simulations and walkthroughs
  • Lower Cost Customer Success and Support: Opus delivers self help resources (knowledge base, Books, job aids) within the software interface
  • Efficient Content Development & Maintenance: From a single recording, a non-technical subject matter expert creates multiple high-quality standardized outputs quickly and easily. As the software changes, the SME quickly and easily updates the Opus content

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Partnership Models


Our partners refer qualified leads and Epilogue manages the sale and contracts directly with the end client.


Our partners resell Opus to their clients, typically including Opus as part of a larger digital adoption solution.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Our ISV partners embed Opus into their own software platform to increase feature adoption, reduce onboarding cost and increase retention.

Partner case study highlights

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