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In-Application Help & Guidance

Training provides knowledge before the moment of need which is soon forgotten. In-application help and guidance provides knowledge at the moment of need which is the best way to learn.
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GPS for your enterprise applications

Enterprise applications are complex. With the ability to perform hundreds or even thousands of unique transactions, users need to know the right way to use the application to get the most out of it, and to avoid making costly errors.

Traditional training and support solutions, including classroom and virtual training, help menus, or even talking to a coworker, only provide limited help. None of these approaches are effective at providing help when a user needs it most – at the moment of need.

Epilogue provides in-application guidance for users. This context-sensitive support helps guide employees through applications, and delivers meaningful help at the moment of need. It is like having GPS for your enterprise applications.

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Epilogue Empowers Your Business To:

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Automatically create step-by-step process and user documentation simply by watching someone perform the application task.
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Leverage your Subject Matter Experts for broad and fast documentation of your application tasks. They don’t need to know Opus.
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Generate assets that can be incorporated into other learning methods such as eLearning, instructor led training and learning management systems.
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Generate SCORM and xAPI outputs to integrate into your Learning Management System (LMS).
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Application agnostic which means you can use Opus as your standard across your application landscape.
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Generate a wide range of documentation and learning assets for both pre and post go-live.

Learn how Epilogue’s in-application guidance can be like GPS for your enterprise applications.

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Opus enables agile application documentation and in-application support.

Improve time to value for your applications
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Reduction in employee support tickets


Increase in new feature adoption


Increase in knowledge retention
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“ I’ve used so many tools to create user documentation and none are as simple as Opus or have Opus’ level of object recognition. We don’t get much time to create what users need, but with Opus, we can.”
Training Officer, Miami Dade Corrections
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Opus Gives You More Solutions

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Application Documentation
Improved Training
Improve software ROI
Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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