Remove speed limits to enterprise digital adoption

Opus generates pre and post go-live content up to 95% faster and is so easy to use, any SME can do it.
Accelerate with Opus
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Made for ease and speed

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Record any business process, just click and go

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Intuitive drag and drop editing

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In-application help & guidance at the user’s moment of need

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Zero learning curve – any SME can document processes

Save time with Opus
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Create content in 3 fast and easy steps

Overcome barriers for effective enterprise digital adoption through swift and seamless content creation.
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Record your business processes

Just click REC and perform an application task as you normally would
Opus automatically creates all the desired output modes from a single recording: create once, generate all content automatically

Edit the steps

Enhance instructions with additional insights to help the user
Audio, notes, graphic enhancements, videos, pdfs, links and powerpoints
Easily add simple graphical elements
Edit once, update all content automatically
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Review and Publish

Workflow engine streamlines content review, approval, and publishing – built in “air traffic control”
Built for high volume and high productivity – made for enterprise size and scale

Opus Output Types

Opus generates a wide variety of digital adoption outputs needed before go-live on the project and after go-live to support effective user adoption.

Adding Value to Digital Transformations:


Pre Go-Live Application Process Documentation

Post Go-Live In-Application Help and Guidance

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Give users the right content for the right need

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Opus meets the needs of all users (hover over bubble to see)
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Adoption Insights

Gain valuable insights into user and team platform use and training requests across your enterprise tech stack. This additional business intelligence can be used to validate enterprise application ROI and make data-driven decisions about upgrades and application deployments.
Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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