Remove speed limits to enterprise digital adoption

With Opus, your users can use your enterprise software effortlessly at their moment of need.
Accelerate with Opus

Zero learning curve

Record any business process with a click.

Simple drag and drop editing

One click step-by-step guidance at the moment of need

Gain insights to understand user adoption effectiveness

Save time with Opus

Create Learning Content in Minutes

Overcome barriers for effective enterprise digital adoption through swift and seamless content creation.

Record your business processes

Simply start recording while completeing tasks as normal to capture:
  • Pre go-live documentation with user acceptance test scripts, process documentation for compliance,
    training assets for e-learning, manuals and CBT/ILT.
  • Post go-live in-application user guidance via Follow Me Walk-Through, job aids, simulations and books.

Edit the steps

In-app audio recording and notes, graphic enhancement all in an easy drag-and-drop editor supporting videos, pdfs, and ppts. Single-source input for multiple outputs: create once, create all; edit one, update all.

Review and Publish

Built in collaborative workflows streamline content review, approval, and publishing. With Opus, never worry about your digital adoption effort crashing under its own weight.

In-application advisor

Opus drives effective user adoption and proficiency by offering in-application guidance. This helps decrease time to proficiency as users select the guidance format that best suits them while completing their tasks.
A holistic view of the targeted process, providing access to other related processes
Step by Step application process documentation for SOX, SOC2, ISO, FDA Validation, etc.
Step by Step Job Aids
An interactive simulation used for practicing the process in a non-live application way.
Watch/Listen simulation providing step by step guidance
In-application guide to contextually sensitive digital adoption content for users – offering the user the output experience they prefer.
Pushes the user through the live target application step by step, telling them what to do and letting them enter data into the live application as they go.
User Acceptance Testing scripts, generated in minutes.
Step by Step application process documentation for SOX, SOC2, ISO, FDA Validation, etc.

Serving a broader application lifecycle

Current State/Future State
Document your current state quickly and easily to support developing future state.
Content Maintenance
One source, many output mechanism allows enterprise to keep up with application changes.
Rinse and Repeat
Updates, Upgrades and Optimizations become new projects, Opus brings the same pre- and post-go live benefits to every project.
New users, users changing roles, users expanding roles – Opus enables constant onboarding.
Sustained Proficiency
Opus accommodates the changing need for support as users gain experience.
Users are good at helping to improve, Opus gives them the ability to feedback
Opus provides in-app guidance at the user’s moment of need, for as many application tasks as needed.
Application Coverage
No limit to digital adoption support. Swiftly create content in high volume with zero learning curve.
User Acceptance Testing
Opus creates UAT scripts in minutes and eliminate the delays and frustrations of gaining correct scripts.
Compliance Documentation
Opus creates Application Process Step-by-Step documentation for SOX, SOC2, ISO, FDA Validation and more.
Training Assets
Opus can be leveraged into blended training such as eLearning, LMS, LXP, ILT and CBT.
Update Upgrade Optimize
Operate & Sustain
Test & FinalPrep
Build & Configure
Select Software

Adoption Insights

Gain valuable insights into user and team platform use and training requests across your enterprise tech stack. This additional business intelligence can be used to validate enterprise application ROI and make data-driven decisions about upgrades and application deployments.

Increase user productivity
Reduce business cost
Enable customer success

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