Opus Author

Verified competency in Opus Authoring skills

Opus Author

Verified competency in Opus Authoring skills

At a Glance

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    Skill Level

    Beginner to Expert

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    System Administrator
    Content Manager Authors
    Project-based Authors

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    Epilogue Opus

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    Opus Advisor
    Opus Recorder
    Opus Editor
    Opus Books
    Opus Project Workflow


  • The Opus Author Certification Program is designed to validate Opus authors’ skills in creating, managing, and distributing Opus assets.
  • This program aims to ensure that individuals possess the knowledge and capabilities required to excel in their roles, whether they act as an Opus system administrator, author, or partner providing Opus services.
  • Participants will demonstrate their proficiency in key areas such as Opus Advisor, recording content, editing content, creating Opus Books, and using the Opus Project workflow to collaborate on content creation.
  • The Opus Author Certification is offered as a self-paced hybrid program. An assessment for each sub-area of the certification is provided to earn a badge. Once each sub-area is completed and passed, participants will be fully Opus Author certified.

Who it’s for

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    Opus System Administrators

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    Opus Authors with the Content Manager role

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    Opus Users with Project-based author permissions

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    System Integrators using Opus

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    Independent Software Vendors

Badges offered to earn full Opus Author Certification

  • Badge Initial Setup

    Initial Opus Set Up

  • Badge Opus Books

    Opus Books

  • Badge Opus Recorder Functionality

    Opus Recorder Functionality and Best Practices

  • Badge Opus Project Workflow

    Opus Project Workflow

  • Badge Editor Functionality Best Practices

    Opus Editor Functionality and Best Practices

  • Badge Opus Follow Me Walkthrough Considerations

    Opus Follow Me Walkthrough Considerations

  • Badge Content Manager Features

    Opus Content Manager Features

  • Badge Opus Advisor Content Optimization

    Opus Advisor Context Optimization

The Process

Opus Books for Authors are available to all Opus users in the “Opus on Opus” embedded Advisor (lightbulb)

  • 1

    Attend weekly learning sessions – detailed information & meeting link in Customer Success email.

  • 2

    Self-paced study using the Opus Books found in the Opus Library.

  • 3

    Once confident with the book contents, contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule your assessment. You can choose whether to complete each area for a badge separately or test on all topics at once.

  • 4

    Complete Assessment within your testing appointment.

  • 5

    Earn all 8 badges to become fully Opus Author Certified.

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