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Epilogue accelerates application documentation, so enterprises can save time, energy, and resources. With Epilogue, teams can easily produce and revise software documentation for user testing, training, compliance, and more.

Create application documentation faster

Creating application documentation is hard. Whether you’re taking screenshots, annotating a video, or cutting and pasting different elements into a document, the process is never simple; it is complicated, frequently frustrating, and takes a lot of time.

To help make the creation process easier, companies invest in a number of different tools. While these tools can help speed up the process of creating documentation, they still typically saddle one person with the job of actually building the documents. Then, you are left with the problem of distributing and managing the files, and editing them when, not if, changes are required.

Epilogue helps make creating application documentation easier by automatically building step-by-step documentation for you as you complete tasks and workflows. You can also leverage internal SMEs via built-in collaborative authoring capabilities. The finished documentation is cloud hosted (but can also be exported, including as SCORM packages) for easy distribution and access by your end users. And Epilogue’s single source editing lets you edit once and deploy to all existing file types – PDF, 508 compliant, demo simulations and more.

Document workflows and business processes in minutes

employees using newly created application documentation to do their jobs well

With Epilogue’s full suite of application documentation tools, documenting workflows and producing high-quality job aids couldn’t be faster or simpler. Enterprises can quickly produce documentation on CRMs, HCMs, and ERPs.

Apart from speed and ease of use, Epilogue’s smart documentation tools support customization. Featuring an intuitive and flexible editor, users can publish documentation as it was recorded, or incorporate different elements, like notes, voice instructions, and PowerPoint slides.

With Epilogue smart documentation, you can automatically produce up to eight output types from a single recording, all of which can be tailored to fit your branding and unique business goals.

Here are other benefits of smart documentation:

  • Automatically create step-by-step documentation
  • Engage SMEs with built-in distributed authorship
  • Improve the effectiveness of your L&D efforts
  • Export SCORM compliant packages
  • Create documentation for any web or Windows based application
  • Generate multiple output types, including PDF, 508 compliant, demo simulations, and more

Work smarter with powerful app documentation tools

With Epilogue, you can create and edit user documentation with ease.  Featuring built-in collaborative authoring capabilities, Epilogue lets you engage SMEs in the creation process and update existing documentation when necessary.

Book a demo and learn how Epilogue can help your enterprise streamline app documentation and digital adoption

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