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Oracle UPK Support Sunsets Dec-2022

Our Team Knows Oracle UPK

They developed, sold, serviced and  supported it

Mark Overton, CTO

Former VP of Product & Engineering for Oracle UPK
Developed UPK originally

Vince Lucey, VP of Business Development

Former head of Global Consulting for Oracle UPK

Tom Casillas, Director of Operations

Former head of Technical Support for Oracle UPK

And We Know Your Applications

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Oracle EBS uses Java Forms which can present a problem for different digital adoption solutions. In considering a digital adoption solution alternative to UPK, it's important to understand if the solutions you are assessing actually work with Java Forms. We suggest a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY approach.


Are You Ready?

  • Create digital adoption content easily

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  • Manage the workflow of projects, teams, tasks and content

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  • Engage your users in-application

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  • Report on use and effectiveness

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Potential Security Risks

do you know your security policies?

Do you know if you are in compliance with your company's security policies?

  • Oracle UPK is not issuing technical updates for browser and Operating System updates
  • This places a burden on your IT security team to validate security
  • Will UPK stop working because of new security policies being implemented at your company?
  • Technical updates are required fro ensure protection against external threats to the business continuity of your organization


Last Major Update was 2014

not keeping up with the pace of change

UPK has not seen meaningful enhancement since 2014 and since that time, things have changed ... a lot.

  • Applications have moved to SaaS and Cloud
  • Thick client and desktop-based applications have become challenging for IT leadership to support
  • Learning and Development teams are stretched thin with the demands of the new digital workplace
  • xAPI has become the new standard for analyzing learning data but is not captured by UPK

Compatibility with non-Oracle and Cloud/SaaS applications

maximize your reach

  • Since UPK was developed as an on-premises and partially desktop EPSS technology, the explosion of Cloud technologies has occurred
  • The new concept of the Digital Workplace involves Cloud applications that enable better collaboration, project and task management, content management, sharing and communication
  • Major applications like Salesforce, Workday, Oracle, SAP, Infor, Dynamics and AthenaHealth are all in the cloud
  • Newer digital adoption solution technologies, like Opus, were built to handle these dynamic applications, UPK was built for the time before these applications


Converting UPK Content (CRITICAL)

salvage your investment of time and money in Oracle UPK

Your UPK content requires a robust converter that knows the complexities of UPK. The Opus UPK Content Converter was developed by our team who also developed UPK, so we know what's involved.

  • While a few tools claim to import UPK, we convert all steps, messages, frames… you’re fully converted and productive in days instead of months
  • The converted files become Opus files and are fully editable so you can modify and update as needed
  • Editing is fast and easy with Opus' powerful drag-and-drop editor
  • Odarc files can be loaded and converted in bulk or one at a time

Play UPK Conversion Video

Comparison: Opus vs UPK

side-by-side comparison

  • Quick side-by-side:
    • Environment
    • Ease-of-Use
    • Analytics
    • Project, Team and Asset Management
    • Interoperability
    • Existing UPK Content

Download the Comparison

UPK to Opus Journey

let our expertise help you

Dec 31, 2020 is not that far away when you consider the process and time it takes to research, assess, select and purchase an alternative digital adoption solution. Then the time to implement the solution, convert UPK content (if possible with your selected solution) and roll-out to the organization.

  • We and our partners are expert in this journey and will make it fit your needs:
    • You lead and staff the project and we'll provide best practices guidance (see the Journey graphic below)
    • Use one of our expert partners who can engage as deeply as you need, from helping project manage the journey to on-going assistance with digital adoption content creation.
  • Once you complete your UPK transition to Opus, you're ready to extend Opus to any other application:
    • pre go-live during the implementation/upgrade project to facilitate UAT, process documentation, development of training assets, pre-go live training and compliance documentation
    • post go-live to drive digital adoption with in-application, context relevant support and guicance

Download the UPK Conversion Journey

And Epilogue Opus is used on all other major enterprise applications ...

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